Silicon valley blow mobile video broadcast applications wind, who will survive?

just to products contribute to the Meerkat I’m afraid I didn’t expect, Periscope could catch up so soon. Two App is competition for the same domain, as to whether, let’s wait and see! Soon, however, the battle of drama, doubts then coming: live video product really is our best to disruptive trends? (if you have not clear Meerkat specific function, please click the “)

Meerkat through website Product Hunt into the eyes of people, then in Texas SXSW festival capture all heart. Now was provided by silicon valley and Hollywood star in $14 million in financing. On the same day, the growing popularity of Meerkat in the App Store reached its peak, and then began to decline all the way, this morning its ranking has dropped out of the iOS top 500.

what’s going on? Meerkat, founder and CEO Ben Rubin (Ben Rubin) said the Meerkat moment in the App Store for a week, large downloads, now it’s just a return to the initial stage. It will slump in popularity because hype effects far beyond the actual ability, so we see now is no Meerkat news and propaganda support.

then, Twitter launched a Meerkat competitors Periscope. All of a sudden a lot of people who have started to try Meerkat instead use the Periscope. Also can’t say they’re relentless, after all, now have two very good choice in the eyes. Three days later, there is no doubt that the power of the parent company, at least when it comes to play Twitter effect, Periscope usage than the Meerkat, this is the benefits of the central mechanism of the separation of powers.

Meerkat fallers in App Store after a blistering editorial Kuittinen was born, he criticized praised Meerkat journalists and investors for the next big event: “there is no doubt that if Jared dojdlivoe-leto wonders (Jared Leto) and his team can be realized as early as a week ago, Meerkat will on Sunday night iOS fell out of the top 500 list, they will immediately close the checkbook. Obviously, they have been successful in recent weeks technology products to the United States news only to fool the appearance of growing.”

I wonder if the startup of these days is the small people in power. Those billions of dollars in venture capital market valuation of news headlines, is absolutely false. I don’t think that, in a few articles, under the bombardment of Meerkat can die.

mobile video live, will be a flash in the pan?

Meerkat and Periscope common question now is, when open the App, you see a completely random interface. Mostly people boring trifles. After all, everyone still don’t know how to make eye-catching video, and the function of the Apps is not strong enough. Can say we are still at the stage of bud mobile video broadcast, as at first, most people will only on Twitter to show a breakfast.

which will guide us to think of a more interesting question: mobile video broadcast will be sustainable consumption products? They would like the Pseudo, Qik, Justin. TV, uStream and either sold or other Apps companies bought by the same die? The Internet since the 1990 s the preacher do this dream, we have in the fast data connection and strong social network with the support of the camera, will come true.

the strong PK , clean?

even with so many failures, but also a live video services like YouNow have huge audiences and high income. This is not a purely by technical personnel and journalists to support products, this is a set up by the enthusiastic fans base, inside there will be a brooklyn cashier, north Carolina teen, such as Egypt’s dentist for a variety of people.

I don’t know the culture will also apply to YouNow Meerkat Periscope, and become the mainstream of the live video culture. Hundreds of teenagers can sleep watching their favorite actors on YouNo, side chat, I believe that the star can help Meerkat and Periscope find their audience.

these new Apps are likely to follow, high-tech investors Fred Wilson (Fred Wilson) said the crowd of Twitter function distribution: 1% of the users to create interesting content, 10% of the people’s power, while 90% of the people responsible for watching, is central to the media and celebrities. For example, hundreds of people watched The live broadcast yesterday: electronics technology blog information platform The Verge introduced latest samsung Galaxy S6, Canada’s top DJ deadmau5 McLaren on him for The first time. Some local star will appear from time to time, occasionally have the opportunity to ordinary people. For example, if a double rainbow, live video can be in the first place its share to more people. If independent App fails, it will become a Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat a feature.

Meerkat can thrive? The process is cruel. Want to know, want to compete with Twitter in support of the Periscope in survival is how not easy, after all, they have millions of Banks and many famous funders. Now, two mobile video broadcast App is competition for the same domain, as to whether, let’s wait and see.