Shuffle: let you follow one’s inclinations to create one-off phone number

new Shuffle, mobile application allows you to easily create additional disposable phone Numbers on the iPhone, to make a phone call or send text messages and receive voice mail. Thus, Shuffle the buner have become popular for a long time and our competitors. Although buner earlier than Shuffle have introduced similar functionality, but now the Shuffle went further, it also provides create E-mail alias, can be forwarded to the mailbox.

now use two mobile phone Numbers are already very popular. Today’s mobile phones are at the same time of work, family, and your phone number, tell everyone, but the number whether colleagues or any want from Craigslist (large American free classified ads site) to buy your sofa, it just doesn’t sound good. The most people have some problems also let buner such application naturally was born.

to avoid the direct online release your personal phone calls or exchange Numbers with just meet a stranger can bring trouble, use of buner set the function of the virtual phone number you can still call and send messages, but don’t have to worry about have to privacy.

and Shuffle founder Craig Collett wants to introduce a tool to users in the use of email effectively protect their privacy.

“everyone needs to protect their privacy, separated in different aspects of business and social life,” Craig explains,

“, for example, users can set different ‘shuffle’ phone number and email address, used in different areas of private or social relationships: between colleagues, other secondary business, dating, advertisement posts, looking for a job, social networking sites, short-term projects and so on.”

if a number is spam and advertising harassment, remove the key, nobody can find you through it.

this service in addition to protecting the privacy, also provides a convenient out travelers greatly. When they visit family and friends in other states can use a local number.

the program itself is simple easy to operate, although its registration process is a bit rough around the edges, the aesthetic feeling of the overall design is not as good as competitors buner, but its user interface is a very big change, add the function of color tag, so that users can one found in a pile of one-off number to use.

but compared to buner, Shuffle the biggest advantage is to support the function of the mail alias, such as Craigslist also often need to release email. And Shuffle through, you can create a more independent identity, have a different number, voice mail, and E-mail address (even the function of the text to speech, quite convenient).

Shuffle also introduced a more transparent pricing model. Buner is adopted outside purchase quota with integral number, must use the above 3 points or at a time, that means you often can’t get rid of the remaining points, nobody likes this pattern. Shuffle setting the fixed costs of buying.

a number of monthly fee is $1.99, you can set up automatic renewal, and other additional fees of business: regular number was called 1.5 cents per minute, calling 5 cents per minute; Information every 1.5 cents; Shuffle between users and 1 cent/min, send messages free; Every E-mail 0.75 cents (MMS will increase in the subsequent updates, price to be determined).

if you use a lot of Shuffle, these costs will unconsciously increase for a few dollars. If only for temporary things, such as the online AD that you don’t have to worry about completely will therefore go bankrupt.

like other similar application, Shuffle is based on a great cloud communication supplier Twilio (to help developers in its application in telephone, SMS, and other functions of the company) on the platform.

Collett is the province of alberta, Canada tower before a business analyst, in 2013 began to use spare time Shuffle (initially called Privici). At the end of last year when he quit work, dedicated Shuffle of entrepreneurship.

this app is now available on the (currently only support users in North America) as a free download, corresponding Android version are also under development.


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