Show the world in your hands: live streaming media application Periscope is how to change?

cloud network hunting note: like fashion, movies, finance and other rapidly changing industry, application development industry is the trend of wind and cloud. In today’s social communication media is the fire, set off a upsurge of cluster development similar application. Periscope show that rises as the new streaming media, is the entrepreneurial journey is not plain sailing.

live video sharing application Meerkat and Periscope to accurately capture the current fashion trends. This kind of video applications to take advantage of the constantly improve mobile phone camera image quality and faster mobile networks, the industry for many years to develop better ambitions of streaming media application into a reality. Seize every opportunity to Twitter earlier this year bought a Periscope, whereas Meerkat after a few months later was forced out of the shadow of Twitter.

Meerkat, YouNow, UpClose as the best live streaming media application, a good development prospects. And today we focus on the key Periscope as a rising star, its momentum of development is to be reckoned with.

The concept of


one of the founders of Periscope Kayvon Beykpour before a startup Terriblyclever Blackboard in 2009 by the software company acquisitions, but this has not let him be satisfied. 2013 he chose departure from Blackboard company, travelled all around. The aimless journey finally in Turkey’s taksim square painted period. There, Beykpour conceived the idea of Periscope, also laid the foundation for the establishment of the company later.

when the Turkey at the start of spring, to taksim cover’s park finally ending up with the police crackdown on protests. While Beykpour (note: originally from Iran) just live nearby. Had to be stranded in the hotel room he had an idea, he hopes can be observed by other people’s eyes, the world outside. He recalled, “when the street every day carry mobile phones and cameras.” Want to share in the eyes of the world through mobile phone as a media thoughts remain in his heart, when he returned to the United States with another Terriblyclever founder Joseph Bernstein discussed about the matter. He told Bernstein: “we should excavate the potential of mobile phones let it become the people and the world to share what they see and hear.”

a year later, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey coincidentally also met the same situation, only the demonstration of the site into the Missouri city of Sir Alex ferguson. In his Twitter and its video sharing platform respectively to upload the image captured by the Vine. It is said that this made Dorsey aware of Twitter and the shortage of the Vine: only on Twitter, a short description or infinite loop on the Vine six seconds video far cannot convey to the audience the feeling of that kind of face, and his solution is to switch to streaming media.

let us look back to San Francisco, since Beykpour and Bernstein, the two decided to proceed to fantasy into reality, they have raised $1.5 million from the VCS. Stakeholders include the founders of Collective, Scott Belsky, Maveron, Google Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Bessemer, Stanford StartX and vc institutions such as Sam Shank.

money at the hands of the two people began to live video application of concentrated research and development for mobile media, their idea of sharing mechanism and Snapchat have similarities: video access time will be very short, thus emphasizing the real-time video sharing. Beykpour and Bernstein employs many applications in the process of engineer, at number five street (5 th street) and Folsom street (Folsom street) junction to rent the office. Low-key two people only to a few of their friends to share the application.

Periscope in high order between users have a nickname – view (Periscope means a Periscope, get rid of peri – after the vision), combined with the application of the function is quite apt. In November 2014, Beykpour with Twitter of enterprise development, chairman of Jessica Verrilli chatting when mentioning the Periscope. Verrilli so Beykpour and asked if anyone would like to meet a few Twitter “some people”. When Beykpour further inquiries this identity “some,” Verrilli gave indications Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO), Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter), etc. The names of all the loud.


Beykpour so be Dorsey into groups, and takes a cup of coffee, he quickly realized the Twitter with Periscope core objectives of the two have great similarities.

our conversation in the newly built, is located in Langdon Periscope multilayer office of the street. “Our philosophy with Twitter,” he said, “the bridge between the individual and the world, this is the common goal of Twitter and Periscope.”

in the end the two sides have reached a consensus about the cooperation or acquisition, chose the latter. Acquisition of the delivery date in January this year, and the message is the earliest been reported a month ago. (because of different sources provide conflicting news, our report only mention delivery situation for both sides to have negotiation transactions inked. Transaction amount is also not clear, there are rumours that price is $100 million, also there are rumours that offers far less than the number, but contains a large number of shares)

Periscope team of ten people now as part of the Twitter, are preparing for application in the iOS shelves. Reported during Beykpour and started the business partner in the anniversary of the project. The process of acquisition does not affect the work of Periscope Twitter.

followed by the emergence of the Meerkat’s Twitter with Periscope played off guard. With many aspects is streaming Meerkat with Periscope are strikingly similar. But when the Periscope also busy when the beta was introduced to certain people, but the Meerkat is surprise fire. Since Twitter Periscope deal with Twitter refused to visit the news of the network spread Meerkat, let a person have to suspect that Twitter in the next happens.

access Beykpour, and said he didn’t think Meerkat got ahead in the streaming media market. “We’re just focused on development work more and failed to consider marketing”, he thinks that the rise of Meerkat convection media is good news, “the Meerkat become a hot topic of shows that people are willing to accept new things.” This will be a win-win situation.

Periscope current version with the Meerkat is worth mentioning that there are several differences. Periscope live main flow so that others can choose to save the media broadcast repeatedly, but it doesn’t support video function, live chat record will not automatically update on Twitter.

Periscope powerful not only reflected in the above points. The one big characteristic of it is that with Twitter circle of friends of interaction, such as focusing on people to broadcast live through Twitter messages to remind to inform, or invite fans watch the attention people live together, and so on. Meerkat, of course, also had launched a similar function, but later because Twitter limit able to access authorization and had to suspend its API interface.

in addition, in order to avoid a repeat of Twitter, prevent harassment has become one of the most important lesson of the Periscope. Periscope users can choose to block other users, dynamic the shielding of the user to hide. The user can also choose close chat function at the same time.

Periscope not only allows the user to open to live, also allows the user to build private channels. Users can share open studio links on Twitter, while private studio according to user’s make a list of the audience to give specific users access.

the most liked function of Periscope is allowed to flow media probably live to the Lord to send love, the love color depends on the audience using virtual image change. Send love this behavior is quite popular on the Periscope.

immediately started

real-time streaming media seems to be keenly capture and broadcast any information in the world, especially in today’s media streaming video can be really smooth real-time playback time. Periscope as such an app, is the field of early products (such as already fade out people’s horizons Qik and Chatroulette) infinitely better. However, this does not mean that the Periscope already perfect: video synchronization is still remain to be improved, the platform most video quality is not high, at the same time can also lead to users to consume large amounts of time in the application. These shortcomings mean that Periscope if want to be accepted by mainstream users a lot, also need to improve application function makes a lot of efforts.

Beykpour aware of the disadvantages of hidden risks, he is especially attaches great importance to the quality and the content of streaming media video playback delay problems. So by improving the Periscope can according to user’s network to adjust delay conditions to optimize the user experience.

“we are trying to reduce the delay of client video, but specific to how many mainly depends on the specific location of the live. For example, if you are in Kiev, you almost can’t fluent in hd mode of watching the live coverage of two seconds. Our goal is to video playback fluency… Within the scope of the user can accept the delay to as low as possible, and to meet the conditions after under the limited data flow make video resolution is as high as possible.”

Beykpour also talked about the quality of the streaming media content in question. “This is decided by several factors. , he said, “of course, there are many excellent seeding on Periscope Lord with their interesting video to attract a large number of users, such as singer (Italy) Rosario Fiorello, but can provide this level of content on the main are in the minority. But I think, Periscope really fascinating place is not in a live broadcast, but lies in the powerful interactive streaming media.” Indeed, on the Periscope, the audience can actually affect the live broadcast video.

Beykpour compares streaming this powerful interactivity to science fiction movie “chronosphering”, and the he watched his friend Shane on Periscope at karaoke singing experience. Beykpour in the comments to Shane stage, as a result, Shane really took office immediately picked up the microphone to sing up.

“objectively speaking the experience not very impressive,” he said. “Yet outsiders like this common content only for really involved people have a different feeling.”

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