Show dada: talent mode to build “a good wife is superior” class electric business platform

(text/Yang Sihui)

cloud network hunting note: show dada is a female entrepreneurship interactive community, based on the mature female product demand that occupy the home, provide a style, health and creative food, household goods and services. APP with electricity detonation products, red story architecture, the business community as the main plates, will officially launched recently.

“in the family, women will be a lot of roles, their mastery household spending power 70%. We are going to do, is a ‘good wife is superior class electric business platform, provide these women with better quality, health, pure natural products.” Show dada founder Xu Yan acquisitive told hunting cloud network.

early 30 s Xu Yan congested is already a mother of two, in her view, the pursuit of good quality of life, has a lot of women in high-end consumption ability, but provide optimizing products on the market is not much, and show the presence of the dada is to solve this problem. Xu Yan wu said: “in sichuan, for instance, the sichuan rich products, but the lack of packaging, mining, and to provide quality products businesses, many women want to buy good things can’t buy.”

although location is electric business platform, but show dada pay more attention to talent brand shaping and user interaction. Dada launched a “talent” mode, the user can on the platform and beauty makeup, food, clothing, and other fields of business people interact and learn, to communicate with other “dada” all kinds of the problems in the work life. At present, the team has contact platform of “talent” in different areas, later will open the users themselves also apply to become a talent.

show dada APP page for users to recommend women interested in the topic, main “reds” today, the show’s story. In the circle of “dada”, the user can interact with the many new brand founder zero distance, become their fans, ask them. Dada mall contains new starting, celebrity endorsement, talent with section to provide users with optimal product of choose and buy.

Xu Yan tell hunting cloud network of electric business platform is too much, the product homogeneityphenomenon serious, brand story is outstanding product advantages of cut. “Chu orange”, for example, a lot of people buy is really fancy ChuShiJian personal meaning. Internet transparency, driven by similar products not too big difference, the user is more likely to want to know the story behind the founder, is what to do with this product. They want show dada became more new starting platform, let the founder product endorsements for himself.

competing goods, Xu Yan wu said: “beautiful said aimed at young women, they pay more attention to their dress, their talent is a model, fashion, and the talent that we can more focus on talent, health, career, the psychological level, and the interaction with the user more.”

on the business model, show dada themes and buying patterns, with the red man driven community building “scenario shopping mode”, used to select optimal product do guide for other brand products, the late gradually is mining, packaging, quality agent products.

show dada team currently has more than 10 people, founder Xu Yan acquisitive on finance graduate, working in a foreign company after nearly a decade. Co-founder Wu Pijiang has 16 years experience in the IT industry, responsible for the company’s electric commercial architecture design and operating system of training; Ancient processing of jie was founded in 2011 in chengdu pill rong exs technology co., LTD, entered the electricity industry, realize the item over two years, category first, responsible for the partial businessman expand work and provide a company owned by health food.

in addition, according to the cloud network understanding, hunting show dada has launched A round of funding.