Short resume: provide salary forecast recruitment platform, has won the plum blossom ventures for A round of funding


“search this industry has been playing bad, the older generation can search services, such as salary, salary negotiations, industry surveys, such as insider introduced all didn’t, now many of the search has been made phone sales, information about the candidates in the dark, phone call ask job applicants see no see opportunity in the past, don’t look at opportunity to set point information, really not mean.” This is from a short resume founder ChuHao view of industry, based on this, the “short resume”, is the former headhunters can provide the service, to restore the functions of using the Internet.

a short resume from the perspective of job seekers, a function is at present the main salary test, short resume can accurately test the candidates to run the company to get the salary, and the error is generally not more than 3%, this function has been applied for a patent. Users only need to fill out a short resume can predict experience salary and job search services, channel mainly comes from the founder ChuHao personal salary database resources, existing users, and other channels (be), for privacy higher salary data accumulation is rather difficult, but a short resume team very hard, has now expanded to more than forty of accurate data. Short resume hope to provide more effective services and functions, let applicants in choice may have more reference basis.

with the existing similar to recruitment website, also support “resume” long, short resume for recruiters better choose talents, and flat Taiwan side will timing matching jobs pushed to job seekers, the frequency is determined by the applicant. The founder ChuHao human resource service company in the world’s second largest headhunters, team members from baidu, ali, gold and other domestic well-known Internet companies. Early for the future, ChuHao tell hunting cloud network, the main focus on the optimization of product features and accumulate on the salary data, the user service do deep, do the user manager don’t have to move the brain also can make the best choice, is not yet ready to transverse development and business model. Plum blossom vc and now China jiing susquehanna capital or A round of funding.

in the network recruitment market, mainly include the traditional recruitment company (51 job and zhaopin), new recruitment firm (cooperated net, pull hook net), professional and business social networking (network linkedin led Britain, street, the sky, and, nevertheless, if the neighbors), classifieds site (city market network and 58) several camps. traditional recruitment website demographic dividend gradually disappear, many still do, in the use of “advertising” model in recruitment service consciousness is poorer. Resume information asymmetry, still can not get feedback, the enterprise is difficult to find wanted talents.

the traditional thinking of wearing the Internet still occupy the mainstream, need to find a can let the user job demand and enterprise labor demand quickly match better way. a short resume of the core competitive ability is clear, is also a direct service, job seekers spot will gradually expand the coverage of the industry, will also launch the APP. But as mentioned above, no matter what kind what period of recruitment website, in the face of the challenge.

products: short resume
Company: Beijing light technology co., LTD.

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