Short cut Hou home: college students rental market, adopt the unmanned management mode

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Hou home is a short online rental community platform. To rent the apartment as the main line of business, committed to the university community construction and development of ecosystem services. Hou home through an online platform to integrate the surrounding idle housing, for college students, rest, cooking meals and lodging family apartment. College students in the platform of Hou home to complete the booking and payment after you can check in apartment, experience the warmth of home. Order apartment unmanned management, online and offline users’ check-in check-out independently.

short rent online generally is considered to be the next billion dollars in the market, the figures show, short online rental market, student users accounted for forty percent, is a huge blue ocean market. But embarrassed at present, college students market property barons, the students of the school and just tinkering around the edges, can’t form scale, characterization, streamline service. Of the particularity of the college students and is the same thing they would pay more attention to the ratio of feelings, namely everybody loves literature and art. But now most of the hotel is directly into the door is a bed, style simple, rough directly. College students need a place to be alone, with friends have a pretend bility can describe my girlfriend again in the future, this kind of feelings the parity of young people there were very few places like can carry.

offline short rent service market chaos, there is a “lemon effect”. For example, the user in the offline to see pictures of concise and delicate and generous, and true to the house, he found the difference is very big. Hou home made adjustment on this aspect. After obtaining housing team room for characteristic style of soft outfit, in decorate a style to pay attention to college students’ preference for the literature and art. On the standardization process of kitchen utensils and the standardization of the bedding, room cleaning aunt choose part-time team training, cleaning up at the same time can also to some regulation of the room, at the same time, save operating cost. The

Hou both hotels standard service experience and the warmth of family apartment, users of products belonging to the product promotion the user a means of viscosity. The unmanned management apartment. Push to the users of online payment, Hou home electronic password of the room, at the same time provide street positioning, guide the user experience the fun of exploring. User when stay in addition to the corresponding rate to submit in advance the corresponding deposit, cleaning aunt to inspect the room clean. If there is damage to deduct the deposit.

on the integration of housing, Hou home is currently the housing self-control, this model is relatively easy to manage for the team. Through analysis of the potential user data in the university, team to control the housing within the scope of a high occupancy rate.

if compared with the same industry competing goods, cloud network that hunting Hou major do short rent a platform for college students, housing self-control, advantage is convenient for management; The disadvantage is heavier a pattern. Rent is by a large number of ants short to short rent for the principal in vocational homes, is to do the mediation platform, in both modes.

now Hou home the core team members of less than ten people. Hou CEO Han Junchao said, while the core team members and few are college students, but he thought the members are “idea + execution with the combination of talent”. Their team after a recent adjustment, Han Junchao convective cloud network, says he thinks that college students entrepreneurial teams must go through shuffling in the growth process, team personnel do not need more quantity, but the idea must be consistent. Teams must listen to the opinions of the majority, and a few people discuss, finally by one word.

now many people on college students’ entrepreneurship is a kind of from a bystander. Han Junchao say do this project is not to do a small business just for money, but do business after 90. After 90 is the entrepreneurial teams “want to talk to the world”.

there’s a phrase Hou home page introduction, standing on the tuyere of the short rent online. Han Junchao said that two years is sharing economy real estate blowout growth of good year, although the short online rental industry belongs to the field of O2O, but with “share economy”, there is a big difference. Hou home will take advantage of this, on the market of “wind, for those routes”.

Hou home since founded in September 2014, in the market gradually grope their way, made clear their orientation, explore its initial model. Currently products are mainly at the beginning of the micro letter on operation training users. The author thinks that, Hou home on longitudinal should take further extension, the accused of the target user. Self-control houses make unified pattern of soft outfit is relatively heavy, can take advantage of this Shared resource of dongfeng create a platform in the future, and look for other profit points at the same time, the service do better, more relevant target groups create high-end brand at the same time.

as we have learned, at present the Hou home team is preparing an angel round.