Shen: the most important thing is people

hunting cloud note: recently, the famous vc people shen in led the British and the workplace and entrepreneurs to share the following essay, this article focused on the point – “vc is the most important person”. How to understand the meaning behind this sentence? Investing in a business, enterprise’s head, team and business model, which is the most important?

in my opinion, leading the company, business changes quickly, the second year and the first year patterns can vary widely. So I in addition to focus on business model innovation and differences, and pay more attention to people. VC and PE is different, the former more focus on the people and the latter is more focus on business model. However, as a really good player, he is sure to circumvent the narrow track, choose the path of light, it also reflects his judgment. So in the end, the most important thing is people.

for a start-up entrepreneurs ability and entrepreneurship are important, but the most important is the quality. One is to walk the path and make a long-term valuable things to the society. An ambitious enterprise for a long time, would be reflected in the concrete execution. 2 it is business is very important for any reason. Some “entrepreneur” simply to forward to listing, make money and business, but we also appreciate the entrepreneurial motivation is to create a kind of to meet the demand of a certain product and service, solve a problem, the power comes from curiosity and sense of mission. Judgment, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs should not only see ability, skills, it remains to be seen whether TA have positive energy.

if to make a choice between entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial spirit, I think that entrepreneurship is the most important, followed by the entrepreneur ability. Only entrepreneurship can guarantee the right direction and positive energy; Can only let entrepreneurs entrepreneurship ability properly, or is likely to be abused.

so how to examine and evaluate entrepreneurship “head”? I think owing to the different industry. The Internet industry need to be strong for the product comprehension and mastery of the user experience; The health care industry leading may need to research and development ability; The media industry needs more creative ability and marketing ability.

of course, in the enterprise, initial each “head” can’t be perfect. Barrel theory is not short, but I’m more recognized the cask theory, early-stage companies tend to be the barrel theory. Regardless of the “head” or team, impossible what all is strong. Is better than a generalist specialist. Every early enterprise needs the unique weapon to stand out from the crowd. Even if the players ability is good, but there is no big luminescent spot, as a leading enterprise may not have the opportunity to instead. “Boss” should have unique martial arts, the martial arts unique owing to the different industry.

for entrepreneurs, in the changeable environment how to keep the enterprise development is a permanent topic. Today, excellent enterprise much faster than the growth of more than two decades ago, particularly in emerging industry such as Internet. In the fast-growing environment, market participants need to put more peaceful state of mind, more long-term; Need to keep a clear head, pay attention to their own development process to maximize the efficiency of capital; Need to calm down and make a long-term planning, according to their own unique understanding and interpretation to the market, the use of their own advantages to create a unique product suitable for the market, don’t because of excessive competition, out of their own condition. At the same time, the entrepreneur should always watch out for: today’s product is very successful, but the business model is likely to die tomorrow. Many outstanding business model, such as PC age of the Internet to the mobile Internet era, without transition behind or elimination of examples, this is a superior slightly tide of natural law, is also urged the entrepreneurs’ innovation and progress of alarm.

in fact, the operation and operation of a fund is the same, an enterprise core competitive ability is the team culture and the ability to “product”. “Product ability” is the judgment of commercial projects for investment company, this judgment is idea problem, is also a technical problem. Any behind a commercial project is a human being in operation, the concept of business judgment is the judgment of the entrepreneurial spirit; Technology is a specialized, professional and industry is closely related to the problem. Too many people regard investment as purely financial industry, it would be wrong. Understanding of financial capital market is important, but more importantly to the insight of the industry, namely investors to focus on industry of understanding and judgment. Professionals into investors is not easy, but it is harder to shift from people in the capital to professional investors. Sequoia has long stressed the unity of the team concept and specialization.

the age of the Internet make the group quickly younger Chinese entrepreneurs. The younger generation entrepreneurs have their unique values and methodology, they is the mainstay of the economy in the future, some had played the role of business leaders now. For young business groups, in particular, they need the support of all aspects. First of all, there is a resource capital support; Almost every family in the past ten years, behind the big business of listed companies have a VC and PE. More importantly, the whole society more and more encouraging innovation and the culture atmosphere of tolerance of failure, the young entrepreneurs confidence shape significant help.

I believe that the stage of China’s entrepreneurs will not only in China, but also in the world.

– part extracted from shen the yabuli view interview

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