Serial entrepreneurs jun xu readme: starting from the hacker 14 years of Internet search history of jin

note: hunting cloud from 2001 began to contact the Internet hackers, eventually founded “domain name” company and become more than 100 million dollars worth of domain name holders, to set up adsense for gold, eventually involved in cross-border electricity do, honey, jun xu has experienced a rapid development of China’s Internet for 14 years, was also a typical domestic Internet entrepreneurs, the following self-reports for him.

the author jun xu, a serial entrepreneur, has more wheat and so on several companies. Content by dark horse I arrange.

I was entrepreneurship was forced, like Steve jobs is not entrepreneurial hero. Fool to learn this major and school at the time, doesn’t like this major, the usual test, I didn’t go to the junior school sent me a downgrade notice, because the downgrade notice, I began to have the life of the first business.


create a hacker alliance: when “big spot bamboo” contact frontier information

in the second half of 2001, I was in a freshman, the influence of the Internet boom was listed three major portal (2000), I called the zhejiang university of science and technology network technology professional, more pit is, into the school just know, so-called network technology with our current Internet relationship at all, is this major is mainly study “how the steel was tempered” mechanical automation major, mainly solve the problem of “rolling”, basic it is to learn some formula on the production line, working with such as physics and mathematics.

this time, the domestic surrounding the university began to the emergence of a large number of Internet cafes, Internet has become our most fashionable consumption at that time, many of my classmates began to contact network game. Are not interested in your major, feel very confused about the future, with interest in the online world, I also began to access Internet bar every day.

a chance, I come into contact with the domestic hackers organization, begin to use the various tools for hacking, network and then I made one of the four major hacker alliance big domestic spot bamboo, this experience let me contact to the forefront of the Internet information and technology applications.

by coming into contact with a lot of things on the surface of the Internet application layer, a freshman started the second half of the semester, I began to pick some website and domain name business from the society. That time can get thousands of yuan income per month, living expenses and tuition will no longer need to home, have a lot of sense and sense of worth. Later more business gradually, I put the business to outsource to others, do a the platform in the middle of the light business.


founded “domain name” company: quit school after facing the first failure

regular not to take the exam, achievement often fail, in the second half of 2003, the school sent me a downgrade.

I was pressure particularly big, what I know to stay or leave school means, for graduating students, not through a similar school recruit normal channels to find a job.

New Year’s day when I come back, I told my parents to entrepreneurship, of course, can’t say because fail to find work. Parents were very much against at the beginning, I can only flew back to school, but it soon came, my father told me that he sold the house a house of 100000, as a business start-up capital, it is founded minimum registered capital for the company as at that time.

on February 28, 2004, the company was formally established, do some basic operations, such as selling the domain name space, 3721 network real name, website construction, and so on. That year in hangzhou as if suddenly hundreds of similar business network company, the competition just like today’s tour industry hand.

arrived in July, I spent 100000 yuan, after the wages in July is my birthday, that day I tried a lot of a bank’s ATM, the purpose is to remove the last 50 yuan, eventually found that only the postal savings ATM support is less than 100 yuan denomination withdrawals.

after the money out, my mother just give me a call, I told mom, I am fine here. Hang after the phone, I will cry, in the face of the taste of failure is too bad, and I always feel I can’t find a job, is absolutely desperate feeling at that time.

after a failed for the first time, from now on I will put special emphasis on risk control, business is not gambling, entrepreneurship is a game for a long time, I don’t think entrepreneurship is put all your eggs in one basket, if you dead, also take what to save themselves, no matter what way to let the company to survive, as long as the green hills last, too afraid of no firewood.

to become more than 100 million dollars worth of domain name holder

in April 2005, I rented a practical in moganshan road in hangzhou area of less than 15 square meters room, the small room is a symbolic site of my life on the road, in the little room, I started a new business opportunity.

since April, by the end of June, I was up early and sleep late, only do one thing every day: cyber-squatting.

at that time, many people registered domain names, domain name business is a unique landscape of this age, early access to the Internet part of a group of people there are very many the wealth accumulated through this business, which is famous and well-known investor Mr. CAI, while qihoo has just spent 100 million to buy 360. com.

domain name business is a tuyere lei jun said. Based on domain name the line, I created the later 4. Cn gold nets, 4. Cn gold network volumes in 2014 are close to 2014. In the long run, I have been very bullish on domain investment business, now I am still doing domain, the domain name is a scarce resource, I just bought last year, a lot of friends for the domain name valuation can enter the world’s top three, the first sells for $120 million.

maybe one day, when China’s biggest game company tencent want to build influence in the whole world, my domain name can play its value.


advertising alliance, as do stand “gold rush” people service

early Chinese Internet has a very important group called personal webmaster, now everyone in the use of baidu, taobao’s stage of development, individual stationmaster inside have played a key role cannot be underestimated. I am also a personal webmaster, college in addition to help others do the website, I will also to do some site, download the stand, music stand, film and television station, in short what traffic is what to do.

I think business is divided into two kinds, one kind is gold, one kind is selling water, do stand called gold, and for station service is selling water, many people want to do the site is very large, in order to gain considerable returns. After so many webmaster friends, I decided to start for adsense service selling water business.

in July 2005, I set up the easy, advertising, focus on the business “selling water”, the main mode is to look for some much-needed expand traffic and exposure site advertisers, and then integrate webmaster resources, the advertising to their websites to make a profit from the difference. Become the advertising industry within the business alliance, amazon associates, baidu union, taobao guest do are essentially similar business logic, even time has in the past 10 years, in the era of mobile Internet still has a lot of companies engaged in advertising business.

this time China’s Internet has begun to render the outbreak of the situation, the media began to Internet companies hold for entrepreneurial hero, founder of the concept of chasing every day a lot of capital market, these concepts to the ground then I need a lot of traffic. Demand for heavy traffic, as yi’s “water” business provides a steady stream of advertising revenue.


: add 58 city Give yao as assistant boss

in 2007, is the original advertising business have stabilised, I hope to have some new breakthrough.

in August 2007, I have found very good partner for easy, Wang Refei and Zhu Zhen said ehud Shapiro, a market is good at planning, a good at technology, precisely because they, too, is currently the company is still running well. Then after arranged easily, chief, I’m leaving for Beijing.

imperial city is the center of the China’s Internet is always positions, both from the aspect of resources and level of thinking, this is my judgment at that time, I think it necessary for me to feel and learn.

the idea of holding the development ideas and vision, I finally joined the 58 city, yao duties is to give the boss (Yao Jinbo) do assistant. 58 what date only 30 people at that time, yao boss told everyone, 58 58 individuals to do in the future! Yao just like jack ma, the boss to give employees to describe future happy, at the same time also can give offer options and incentives. 58 city listed, I used to calculate a bill, if you stay, I should also is a billionaire. Yao’s boss is a very good teacher I venture road, now also often give me some guidance, business model now yao boss says his wife is now honey to buy things with the sea, he very bullish on me now.

58 and the experience of Beijing is just a small episode of my life, I might still belongs to the restless that kind of person, I prefer to entrepreneurship, achieve their ideas. In the 58 city to stay until October, I decided to go back to hangzhou.


set off again, establish the largest domain name trading platform 4. Cn

back to hangzhou and then back to easy.

advertising now has some logical paradox defects, for example, the user at the time of reading content is don’t want to be disturbed, as the content of the operators is a big concern for the user experience. At the same time, the contents of advertisements requires the user to trigger active behavior, the actual effect is not very ideal.

similar thinking and summary in the next few years to become the norm, these thinking inspired some of the underlying thinking and summary to me a great help. This time, I also tried ads ECLICK statistical system, interactive marketing, software alliance with KMEDIA plug-ins, and so on.

in 2008, I started the 4. Cn gold network.

4. Cn gold net 2014 full-year turnover has close to 1 billion, has become the world’s largest domain name trading platform, at the same time, it has created dozens of billionaires domain name investor, it is because these people grow up together with only 4. Cn today.

in 2008, I also set up the independent B2C network platform shoes ( Shoes now network has been closed, at that time with us in a number of domestic similar products, but so far, about basic were shut, network CEO bi sheng le tao said at the time the earthquake magnitude remark of the industry, and any vertical electrical manufacturers is a fraud.

this period, failed projects and 93 games. Main reason is the lack of key people, our developers have come to it from other project, when we realize the entry-level work industry level of the game is beyond us, core talented person is always one of the key elements for our industry, one of my main thing now is to find the right person.

in addition to the sea honey global purchasing now, my other projects are performed by independent, head of the department.

just a few years of starting a business, I am a mercenary, even to make staff training is professional knowledge training, the starting point of all are the interests of the company, the company as the core, and now I was employee as the core, including McNugget and college, as long as the better things to do for the employee, the company’s interests aside and employees well, nature also hard work, the employee is the core element, this is my comprehension of the management level.

I now choose projects, from two aspects to consider, if has related genes and advantages, industry chain can do a long business, if you don’t have big advantage, I’ll do projects, industrial chain short near cash flow relative to some project.


founded more than wheat: do it for the whole year 4 billion turnover

2011 domestic B2C, I had to judge the CPS ads will be the future trend. Then set up a more wheat advertising alone, working on the CPS business operations, shall be the responsibility of the Zhou Yan (now the honey project COO).

wheat has achieved 4 billion turnover last year. Internet ads can realize two, one is brand advertising, advertising is a kind of effect.

the logic of brand advertising is such, when users see after advertising, will produce or enhance the brand trust and goodwill. Typical representative is CCTV’s advertising, when a brand in the CCTV broadcast, users might think the brand with strength and reliable. The Internet are emerging things, even the founder of tencent, baidu, alibaba is a grassroots, does not have the authority of the so-called natural gene, according to this logic, at least in the sight of this stage grassroots media that does not have authority as an endorsement of those brands. In the future can become a brand endorsement of the media is always a few, but domestic website millions.

for final foothold must be the actual effect of AD how much consumption, advertising technology development provides the possible effect of domestic most web sites do advertising, in addition to baidu, tencent and sina weibo last year also started the effect of advertising operation. CPS ads effect is a kind of extreme achievement, is also the trend of the future.


my final business projects: the sea honey

the sea honey before I have long time not to participate in the specific project management. My character is more like angels, I hope I can from different dimensions to project some Suggestions, 4. Cn gold wheat CPS advertising network, is in good operation, do not need to input energy.

more wheat now already is a typical medium-sized company in hangzhou, I hope to find a chance to bring more wheat into a new stage.

in May 2014, zhejiang university EMBA group to go to America to visit, the leader wants us in the outlet shopping for three hours, 9 a.m. to WOODBERRY near New York, finally closed until 9 PM just unwilling to leave, later, the students also have complained that a lot of things didn’t buy it. nullnullnullnullnullnull