Serial entrepreneur Zhang Shubin VR complex, why from game to small white spirit mirror


on Friday, cloud network hunting the scoop the VR virtual reality – team spirit mirror for A certain level of listed companies must Pre – A round of funding, its product immersive virtual reality glasses – white spirit mirror, on the first day that overfulfilled the raise goal, as of the time, all the raised amount breakthrough millions successfully.

interest is the best teacher, hunting cloud network mirror VR Zhang Shubin founder interviewed spirit, a “play games play 20 years, 10 years”, finally returned to the game related “entertainment” to do hardware serial entrepreneur, together to look at his small white spirit mirror the first hardware products and the story of his business.

entry-level virtual reality goggles, small white spirit mirror

“virtual reality” which device emulation/reproduce human senses, it’s in the big screen at the same time, to the outside world isolated from the rest of the light, can produce a kind of mergence another illusion of space. With three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer with the help of the position sensor, frame can follow the movement of the wearer’s head and react accordingly, produce approximate real visual feedback.

VR team spirit mirror magic mirror model of small white, three high: 175 x54x98mm, recommend the phone size 5 ~ 5, 7 inches. Stadia: adaptation of 0 ~ 700 degrees myopia, distance can also be adjusted easily. At present main video watching, can realize the effect near the cinema. The official App magic mirror the world in the near future will also be online, it is an immersive App, built-in broadcast, download, management functions.

small white spirit mirror positioning for entry-level mobile phone accessory products, can bring complete 360 – degree immersive experience, different from other similar products on the market of huge episodic experience, can bring more realistic effect, in simple terms that greatly weakened the square black border brings sense of “dance theater” (cloud network hunting scene contrast several products on the market, black side significantly affect the experience). In addition, form a complete set of app and the remote control, let the visual content can according to user’s head movements and make corresponding feedback, and provide real-time control means.

at present, the first in the price of 159 yuan of the raise has full, 199 yuan of the raise gear were only less than a quarter. Zhang Shubin said, virtual reality industry start-up time is very short, content richness needs to be improved, (, video, game, all the developers). And the raise not by all the products are going to make money, but at a lower price, to expand the scale, make the market popularization and education of users. According to cloud network understanding, hunting magic mirror at the same time also have for a high-end users and developers use mirror black one-piece products – spirit (VR all-in-one mobile version). Is still in perfect, stay tuned.

cloud network hunting think a problem, a glass of water or go to the bathroom to urinate such a short time, if can quickly open walking model, there is no need to remove the equipment, and then put on equipment of these operations. In particular may be a key operation, the mobile phones at the same time control play pause button, open the rear camera, of course, this need to reserve a camera pore; Like “leave” or by way of voice control.

the trend of the virtual reality and the spiritual crisis of mirror with machine

according to the forecast abroad, virtual reality market in 2015 global shipments will be around 10 million units, Zhang Shubin light estimates China will account for almost half of the market. Virtual reality products need hardware and software environment with the development of the mobile environment, supply chain, suppliers, software developers are more mature, so the maturity of VR market is very high, to the next year could reach the growth of a few times.

Facebook, samsung, Microsoft, Google, SONY and other technology giants expressed interest also prove that the direction is right. In the face of storms, ants and other domestic competition, Zhang Shubin is not convinced, but happy to see you compete with each other to do big market, he said: “opportunity always come support, the work center of gravity is small white spirit mirror of taobao, the raise, the end will consider A round to raise. Elaboration to the iterative upgrade products, visual effect is better, lighter weight, more convenient to use will be efforts in the direction of the next stage. At this stage is mainly do movie, games, experience to the extreme, the next stage will consider social, entertainment scene. Show, sand table, such as home outfit, virtual simulation training education application scenarios such as supposed, VR market has huge potential.”

perhaps the biggest crisis is not the product competition, but for others. About the hardware is the foundation, content is king, platform is direction “, Zhang Shubin also agree. But in the process of the development of VR hardware, optical technology, immersion program, with optics with the structure of the design, the SDK, in view of the developer tools developers, be short of one cannot. Do basic work, cannot give developers good applicability, experience can not be well done, the platform also is impossible.

, for example, fireworks workshop do the software level, who also cannot leave the who, both sides will expand cooperation in the future. So, at present this one phase, magic mirror must work hard in hardware and technology. Magic mirror to do its own products, let the consumer before the content is rich, have a selection of good hardware products. Square guest said: “the magic mirror team started earlier, in optics, structure, hardware, software, etc, have their own technology accumulation, at this point is confidence.”

from game to VR entrepreneurial experience

hunting cloud network interviews Zhang Shubin learned that he used to work in the community game ten years, left office in 2010, the first business do is social game “magic water world”, by the period of the game itself, at the same time, the commercialization operation, he lost his passion in Zhang Shubin terms “game became a hit not easy innovation industry”, “game can’t impress me. So little money later, in 2011 began to transform the mobile Internet, do real estate O2O “mobile phone” that rent a house.

this third startup, Zhang Shubin decided to develop virtual reality goggles for his professional sensitivity “game or movie will change because of virtual reality hardware devices”. Both can be said to be matching with experience “returning”, also can saying is interested in, with his own words: “play games play 20 years, 10 years, this gets a take interest as a career.”

when it comes to work one of the most difficult thing, can’t afford to send salary is common problem in the process of entrepreneurship. In addition, when making the first version of the magic mirror small white, team to enable the 3 d printer, because work continuously for a long time, lead to 3 d printers are burn out many times.

VR team spirit mirror more than 20 existing members, the core team with an average age of 30, hardware development, worked in TV chip company, head, head of the optical structure was hanwang design team leader, software used to do video related work, good at motion capture, etc.

Zhang Shubin also borrow by hunting cloud network said thank you to all members of the team, goal oriented, has a strong ability of the driver. When asked about group disputes, the processing method Zhang Shubin said that as a leader to listen to more professional person to check, to promote execution. “Clear right and wrong” is the principle of doing things, to be clear what you want, the team’s goals and direction, as far as possible little mistakes, less pit.

it is worth mentioning that the same as the second venture, the magic mirror VR before the start of the project, namely get angel investors ucdos (Zhang Shubin worked together game BOSS) seeds of more than 100 ten thousand yuan investment. Boss example there are many incarnate angel investors, but like this, as always support and good example is not much, can be seen, the magic mirror VR team led by Zhang Shubin enough, trustworthy.

the last spot, putting a well, it is a job advertisement; Lingjinghutong VR is in rapid development phase, now need to market, engine, and software talents. Login details magic mirror website, to understand.