See music: Internet music interactive platform independent, let independent musicians stood to earn the money

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with our daily use of cool dog, QQ music player is different, such as hunting cloud network today’s focus on music “see” the Internet is a new independent music interactive platform, by a group of from the Internet, advertising and music industry well-known enterprise partners, mutual love of independent music.

skypig told hunting cloud network: “see music web site launched in March 2014 platform. So far, “see music” has been built for the original digital music exchange platform for the world, is a bilingual international music platform.

platform for musicians music cloud storage, live online, dynamic distribution, activity, distribution, fan interaction, released photographs, video, ticketing and other services. Live platform with virtual reality technology, online music, video and music cloud services, etc., containing dozens of potential technology patents. Distribution in 33 countries around the world has nearly 50000 certification musician, 8 million registered users.

not just the selected playlists, recommend musician, see music in the country and abroad for many times to hold LIVE, LIVE music performances and other activities. Site dynamic and site dynamic updating musicians, community section for users to discuss at any time. In addition, see the independent music section have to exclusive interviews with musicians, allows users to better understand their creation environment and the story behind each work.

see music platform is a kind of new generation of musicians, they have their own unique point of view, and not willing to compromise in the mainstream market, persistent creation with their favorite things. New generation people create things often because without a good channel for propaganda. Previously, most independent musicians will share his work on douban, but douban this platform after all big and miscellaneous, unable to meet the demand of this kind. Nearly fifty thousand people have learned and seen music platform musicians) (data continues to increase.

see music with a lot of original music database, the database copyright in addition to the copyright works nearly 200000 musicians through the platform to upload, outside the other part from overseas copyright agent for nearly 9 million copyright music library. Copyright distribution service during the test, the platform has for the musicians in overseas copyright obtained the distribution of income. Expect to let more people know about the existence of independent musicians, let more people see the future of independent music.

see online music App in a month ago, it also has an affiliate App – – IM independent music. See a complete platform for the music, music is IM independent music as a branch of the product is just one of the dimensions of the App, the goal is to make users more easily find independent music. But now direction or see music platform, IM independent music’s main purpose is to give people a mobile platform to timely find good music.

skypig tell hunting cloud network, see music is a new concept of Internet music ecology, has the multi-function musicians interactive platform, wireless terminal, media, music copyright system four big business around the world. Built to help musicians promotion, interactive, broadcast, selling, global distribution, settlement and big data service service chain, let musicians in industry source can be directly to fans, among the lowest cost, to maximize the musician’s benefit, changed the traditional purchasing copyright play music platform model.

singing network technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., the core team members from each big Internet companies, with many years of project management and actual combat experience. Skypig tell hunting cloud network, see music in September 2013, millions of dollars to A round of funding.

when it comes to independent music platform, the country’s most recognised was arrested, has more than 10 years of history, hunting cloud network has also reported arrested derivatives – EMO. Independent music, after all, is a niche product, see music compared were arrested as a new existence, both in content and in the above brand, all need to gradually perfect. Finally, the author is very like to see this style of music.