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thought Google I/O 2015 will be a star through VR feast, but in fact is more of a pragmatic “flat” upgrade, how to let the user privacy, security, equipment life more durable, more intelligent is the theme of the conference. The “ordinary” was criticized by some people who are eager to overturn the, but I think Google I/O 2015 conference is of great significance for Google, its essence is for Google in the subsequent competition release imagination gather strength strong innovation ability and technology. Behind the “plain” shows Google product advantage, innovation and the accumulation of cutting-edge technology, tells us that Google I/O 2015, although no hot style, but it is much more ambitious.

this year’s Google I/O 2015 conference, there is no new Nexus, a new generation of smart watch, not the second generation Google Glass, those who have ambitious and imaginative projects is also only briefly with; Have a plenty of Android M system and to, Google Now again to upgrade, Android Wear practical promotion, Project Brillo iot systems, Google Weave this connector, mobile phone and the clouds above Google Photos free sword, this ease of use to upgrade and price in the bottom, the Google Maps offline support, and so on. This appears to be no previous jump in Google and cool. If you look carefully, and it is not hard to find: although no previous cool, but it is more real, more close to consumers and improve the practical experience, more can enhance core competencies of Google, as Google early advantage in the present and the future war.

at the start of the operating system on the generation of Google for Android M this year not to take the Android 5.0 operating system update as bold reforms. On the Android M operating system, Google upgrade strategy more plain composed. On the new system, Google begin from the pain of the most main, the application of new permissions mechanism, the new power management technology Doze, system-level Android Pay, more intelligent, Google Now; To focus on the Android system after being criticized by the user in the “application of the lower administrative authority, the weakness of power management optimization, as well as Android OEM compartmentalization of fingerprint identification and payment system for user privacy and security issues such as”. It reach the effect is to let the consumer equipment under new system use safer, more durable, more intelligent.

these upgrades is a voice of criticism, they think Android M system upgrade is essentially a replica of the apple iOS; Rights management, Android Pay, Doze and USB Type – C, what is not innovation, but this is supposed to, it is just as apple. Indeed jump in Android M in form is not Android 4.4, 5.0 as big, but it also must not be classified as simple. Google for Android M system adopt “upgrade” strategy, not only has its own style and more counting his own pure hand.

Google’s message?

with the lee of the Internet, mobile, social, the hardware/IoT four big trend to measure Google, at least on the Internet and mobile Google still dominates the supremacy. The most attention of android still occupied the global market share of nearly eighty percent, has more than 1 billion android devices in the hands of consumers (and, of course, it is also possible in the cupboard), has reached over 4000 species of android devices. This is a what concept, the New York times gives a relatively clear orders of magnitude more indicators, its equipment sales is about 5 times of apple’s iOS equipment sales, is three times as many Windows equipment sales, this let Google on the mobile end like Microsoft in the PC’s advantages.

Google hope?

although Google’s Android operating system occupies the dominance of mobile operating system. However, Google also has a sad tears. He previously served as the growth, the severe open militancy is a problem is still Google over the key to apple. Lingering fragmentation problem let Android device update slow, Google radical reform of the Android 5.0 is still above 10% in April, compared with apple and Microsoft’s mobile operating system user quickly upgrade, the popularity of the Android’s latest operating system can only use a long way to go and fix far “xi” to describe. Besides Android fragmentation, the security of the system is also widely and challenges, in the mobile operating system security more survey, the security of Android is the worst, users sometimes is Halloween. After the function of trival, manufacturing caton memory is left an enduring impression in consumers mind.

after see these ills, back look at Android M upgrade, will find that Google did it is solve them one by one these pain points. In system level optimization, the consumers are less eye detection but will affect the real experience of optimized in detail. And all this improvement. Promote is further strengthening of the system’s internal experience, is to improve the competitiveness of the equipment, the last is the user using the rise of pleasure and loyalty. Advantage, which is what apple currently have the upgrade of Google, apple is rush and let the system software advantage to further loss. That no matter from the aspects of measure, is together, add a variety of drilling technique of new function much more useful to users, so the Android M plain but not simple.

Android M is not simple, Google Now also have extraordinary. In the I/O the depth of the 2015 conference should be said that Google Now evolution is the entire assembly brings me the biggest shock. Google Now on the basis of originally good and have made a substantial cross domain, has reached a new level. It not only can directly provide an answer to a problem, that is more likely to go through the situation, the answer, understand user needs action trilogy, gives the answer, make corresponding operation and achieve what we are looking forward to intelligent scene recognition, and Now on the Tap of new function more promotes the use of the Google Now experience. Although it is somewhat like the trend of Microsoft Cortana positioning alignment, but progress is real, bring Android’s real experience. Behind it shows it is Google in speech recognition, image recognition, neural network, deep learning, machine learning, such as front muscle in the field of artificial intelligence.

and the source of all this is Google search, video, E-mail, maps, knowledge map, and the advantages of the Android system resources accumulated huge amounts of data. The advantage of excessive accumulation of data once again began to emerge. This is why apple Siri is hard to catch up with Google Now and Cortana these epigenetic are one of the reasons. In intelligent at the same time, however, is also bound to follow is more information available, the contradiction between privacy and intelligent will be further revealed.

not only present, look to the future. The next wave of possible wave technology, the artificial intelligence (ai) is one of, and the Internet of things, smart home, virtual reality are also be bosses are phase, Google also wants to be a shock troopers, naturally allows the current advantage to postpone. So Google on the Internet of things, use a massive number of android smartphones as their most competitive weapon, let it serve as Project Brillo iot platform and Google Weave this side of the connector on the core link. As a virtual reality early adopters of Google, although suffered a Google Glass Waterloo, but Google seem to digest, so use more cheap Cardboard to conquer consumers, seems to be the moment has achieved some results.

however, Google is not plain sailing in a product, the Android system, Chrome brilliance and glory has not passed to its successors Android Wear with this. Their situation like for rich dude, although life is remarkable, but in the moment still failed to prove himself, still not the people.

Android Wear as Google to build platform for the intelligent wearable equipment system, seems to be up very early, set in the moment is to catch a late. Although in the I/O developers conference 2015, Google announced excited its platform application in 4000, but in fact developers and consumers seem to Android Wear platform products aren’t buying it. Whereas his old rival Apple, although later than Google’s partners launched Apple Watch, but its once launched, just a few top application developers to embrace. For Apple now Watch the application on the quantity and quality have been beyond; Although its a mixed in design, but in reality he is still in sales is the big winner.

this as a new era of netbooks, appear on the market for several years, not the notebook market in big waves, consumers pay for its still is one of the few. According to the latest statistics show that: “this sales of just 5.7 million in 2014, and 84% were digested by the north American market, but the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) sales at 620000 m. And to sell most of this is mostly belongs to the education project purchasing, and individual users and business users to this kind of product is not very great. Market institutions, expects sales of this growth is expected to reach 27% this year, 7.3 million units, but also need to look at Google to achieving promotion policy. “(to quote the drive home)

this is Google wants to market, but the reality is cruel, generally is full of sad tears. So Google in the I/O 2015 conference on Android Wear and this made a lot of targeted modification: the Android Wear to add more perfect and interesting operating mode (such as join similar to Apple Watch Digital Touch technology), add more application support, open more sensor interface. For this is a lower price, let consumer can buy for $150 a Chrombook. On the one hand is to must be connected to the Internet to complete the real dilemma of poor working conditions and a variety of network optimization, such as using compressed web technologies to enhance the web page loading speed. All change is wants to let more people to like them.

compared to let the consumer in the moment like Android Wear with this, I think let consumers like on Google Maps and Google Photos easier. On the I/O 2015, Google launched a new free photo management and sharing application Google Photos, its cross-platform characteristics, and allow the user to free unlimited cloud storage backup without Photos, video compression. Cross-platform, portable share, fun and free unlimited remains its powerful weapons quickly occupy the market. And Google maps for a major update, began to support offline maps, search, review, voice navigation are completed can be offline, offline maps support, also will let Google maps better use, more popular. Even time flies, Google also does not forget is Facebook home sets and nokia home Here offline map function, it was a true love!


Google I/O 2015 conference, although not everyone expected imaginative cool products. But its composed upgrade, I think the significance is even more important than ill-prepared technique products. Through the Google I/O 2015 conference, we can also find that the Android operating system is the core of Google the future strategy, while Google’s current main job is to further repair those soft rib of the core, making the core practice “internal strength”, make its evolution. Let them to assume Google in subsequent competitive advantage, in an impregnable position. And technology in the stage one and love each other, kill, to the other party of the drama, the show is the concept of product and increasingly similar. Dried up, however, it is not innovation, but heroes think alike, is the sweep service user needs.

also said: there are some things that have to sorry for Google, have such a good system, ever also bought a motorcycle, but eventually give up fencing do like apple softness of integration. It is to maintain the unity of the android ecosystem, but also makes the android mobile phone while on the system function and compared with the same period on the configuration of the iPhone, but the overall feel of use compared to the iPhone, but always bad so, stereotypes make android eat hardware’s reputation and the longer the more back. More to make fun, of course, is a wall, blocking the very good experience.

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