“Second pioneering”, ford will push a taxi service

“one hundred – year – old ford is facing” tesla, Google, etc. The great challenge of the new power. Under this pressure, ford is trying to startup state of mind to think about the future development, actively planning transformation, invested heavily to develop new models, at the same time also plans to follow industry trends to launch their own taxi service.

in a defined “the future traffic tools” competition, established car makers not only have to face a new rival in the automobile industry, and the technology industry is also increasing pressure to them. Tesla, Google, Uber and Lyft these new faces is to subvert the traditional auto industry, the pressure force established car makers have to startup state of mind to think, embrace driverless cars and sharing new concepts such as application of taking a taxi. Ford struggled in this industry reform is a typical example of established brands, the company is looking to develop innovative advanced cars, but also can make ordinary consumers can afford.

to startup mentality to think

Mark Fields, ford’s CEO (Mark Fields) in a New York international auto show said in an interview: “tesla is fully embody the typical representative of startup thinking. We really are encouraging companies to each one of the mentality of a startup problem thinking. We hope to break the routine, employees have challenged traditional things; We hope they do not think that everything is taken for granted; We hope they can take on the ride of science and technology, create new brilliance; We want them to think from the perspective of customer experience issues; We want them to act quickly to accept market inspection; We want them to take appropriate risks.”

in fact, ford has on the development of new models or new business into a “quite a lot of money,” for the one hundred years of history established auto makers, this is an unprecedented thing. Earlier this year, the international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas (CES), ford announced to various attempts, from a different perspective to explore the concept of “mobility”.

ford global Erica · krumm &poor’s executive director of the future mobility (Erica Klampfl) said: “every attempt, fortunately, mark gives us great privileges, let us can quickly for experiments and accept market inspection. But all these attempts have a common fault, that is what we are all around the ford family of products, technology, business model and around to build a better world to learn. From these attempts, we confirm that the partner, find our reasonable way of operating in the field.”

at present, the industry of science and technology to the traditional pressure mainly comes from two aspects of automobile manufacturers. On the one hand, Google, tesla and other technology companies are leading a new competition, in the production of commercially viable unmanned electric cars. , on the other hand, Uber and Lyft is upending personal transport market, pushing car application concept to consumer, de-emphasize car ownership. For ford car makers, they are facing great pressure. However, the fields are still full of optimism for the traditional mode of automobile industry in the future.

fields said in an interview: “I think Uber and Lyft was very successful. But I don’t think the world will accept car sharing this new pattern in a short time. I’m still very bullish on our traditional business, and confidence in our current understanding of mobility.”

developing car service

of course, the fields are full of confidence about the future is with good reason. He said ford also in developing their own taxi services, but also is feasible in business. This is a based on application service, called “Dynamic” Shuttle, ford will provide a large number of vehicles to ferry passengers, and specific operating routes will be based on user need to make Dynamic adjustment. Fields, said: “first of all, we have launched the service need of the vehicle, secondly, the application itself is quite advanced, we will with the passage of time the escalating. Third, the market has an internal need for this service.”

“Dynamic Shuttle” project has many benefits to the ford. First of all, it can be traditional ford automobile manufacturing business with this new car traffic patterns. Second, in an effort to meet the needs of the new trend and new concept vehicles at present, this kind of service can strengthen ford and urban planners and the relationship between the local legislatures. As the regulatory driverless cars in the next few years, car service and the new rules developed, the current should be of great benefit to ford.

although on ford fields as low price, the carmaker’s long-term viability are full of confidence, but he acknowledged that ford in the next few years will certainly adjustments must be made to the business model.

“I personally think that the car will become the ultimate technology products, we will gradually transition to the information company. I think our business is always inseparable from the production of cars, trucks and other vehicles, each car even if you want to become automatic. However, our business model will happen some degree of change, from the core hardware manufacture to provide service transformation.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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