Scott push “LBS +” open platform strategy support vertical application service

the annual hot word O2O moved to the article, the author once again to the Internet as the carrier, emerging consumer online interaction, namely, a word is O2O. So on the cable line is the key to what? Is the LBS technology. Scott map in 13 years has focused on doing one thing – the map field do more professional, the experience, the cake bigger. Top (products) and bottom (data) in combination with each other, make good products to produce high quality data, quality data to support the good product.

9 April, Scott held in Beijing “LBS + together” – gold open platform industry solution and strategic conferences, published in 2015 “LBS +” open platform strategy, transport software oriented, O2O, intelligent hardware, such as public welfare environmental protection industry to launch “tool + data + service” integrated LBS solutions. Conference, Scott LBS open platform also announced and China auto rental reached a strategic cooperation, fully supports China’s car rental car, car, car pool and so on many Internet software business development.

Scott LBS Wei Kaiming open platform general manager, said: “LBS is the most core the mobile Internet, one of the most basic services, products and services are provided by a large number of mobile applications related to the location information is strong. Scott ‘LBS + released today, on LBS development tools, integration of cloud computing, big data and map a map can help partners to its own data management, analysis, prediction, and smart business decisions based on the field, and build better open win-win LBS of ecology.”

LBS + : tool + data + services

“LBS has become the indispensable infrastructure of mobile Internet, but for most developers, high barriers – need a map of LBS ability construction surveying and mapping qualifications, have enough map data acquisition and the back-end cloud data processing capacity. Gold concentrate on LBS field for 12 years, has the industry’s top professional qualification, data and technical ability, able to provide free and open Internet map service for developers and universal coverage of the tool.” Wei Kaiming said.

strategic cooperation with China auto rental

in the meeting, Scott also announced that China auto rental and reached a strategic cooperation. It is understood that in 2015 China auto rental in addition to continue to expand the lead in the rental market, also will develop the car, car pool, such as new business, gold LBS open platform for China’s future car rental, car, car pool and other business provide maps and location-based services, and use the gold you get this position big data analysis platform for various lines of business to provide data analysis to predict China auto rental, intelligent transport resource allocation.

in addition to the China auto rental, gold has also for other car software developed mature LBS + solution, can take a taxi, car rental, car, car pool App to use. Not only that, but Scott LBS open platform in the conference also O2O, intelligent hardware oriented, the public environmental protection industry launched a series of LBS + solution.

Scott LBS open platform of cooperation with other App

in the field of O2O, Scott LBS open platform can provide such as maps, peripheral search maps and location-based services, such as “kung fu” bear the door massage application based on gold LBS, realize customer & amp; Massage therapist position, according to customer requirements accurately call near massage therapist.

in the field of intelligent hardware, Scott LBS, provide standard and non-standard two intelligent hardware solutions, to provide full platform support, could provide an API/SDK “zero cost” (application programming interface/software development kit) and other development tools, helping developers to quickly acquire LBS. High-profile currently aerial drones mobile App manipulation of the way of innovation, and unique show flight, automatic following and intelligent functions such as automatic return, is based on gould LBS of precise positioning for convenient, intelligent control.

in view of the environmental public interest related industries, such as chai jing “dome” video after the fire of IPE (public environmental research center), they also cooperate with Scott map, the fog data stored in the free gold above the clouds, in order to realize the multiple pollution indicators data in blue map the environmental management and display on the App.