Sauce: and I do not have any additives, the story about the spicy sauce has been gloriously enrolled after 70 entrepreneurs

(article/who 闫森)

if I said I was a sauce artisans, that is lying to you.

utilitarian motive is not, to say do have feelings of things, I don’t have Mr. Luo eloquence. Make old dopted mother that enterprise, also is not the ultimate goal. Wu Lin, founder of the sauce and I tell hunting cloud network: “my ideal is actually very simple, one day, can I bring my camera, and do the sauce of the nation’s veteran artists sat down to talk. Make a sauce culture museum.

but it now seems that Wu Lin also feel very far away. Wu Lin engaged in art paper, nearly 20 years of experience in paper, money falling drop small but a good reputation. Circles someone want to buy paper, occasionally call him to let him do staff. That, why he would be running to the sauce in the industry.

don’t pull a childhood memories, such as emotional things, have to do is think that the reason of the sauce is a conscience live, my family lives in the south, has been gloriously enrolled sauce is very unique, but destroyed the original taste of additive on the market. Industrial hot, is a kind of what can you see? The spicy chili is really spicy. Do my sauce and I wanted to show that kind of spicy, pure, 100% of the heat.

but I can’t just as ideal don’t talk about money. Sauce and I sell more expensive than hot sauce on the market, in addition to earn money to complete the ideal, and I always insist on a little, good food is not cheap. Though this seems not thinking in the Internet, but at least I know, before the investment hasn’t come in, I have to do is to make the sauce and I live, live, such as the wind.

now, I have mortgage the house in Beijing bank loans, now the wife occasionally come over and help the delivery, “although hard, but I know, she supported me.”

paste production is not easy. Don’t exaggerate! Traditional sauce will put additive, color is not red, not spicy, short shelf life, these situations on traditional sauce is drizzle. By means of industrial additives can easily fix. But to insist on not to put additives 100% of me and my sauce, these are big problem. Such as the spring and autumn period and the two kinds of pepper is two different color, one is red, one yellow. Most people buy red, psychological users already have the fixed thinking. We don’t change.

Wu Lin tell hunting cloud network, recently he’s worried about two things, one is the order quantity increase, at this stage do not have enough hot pepper source. When their run of hainan, is for the airfreight chili in the past. The second problem is that mass production can’t all artificial production. The machine must be instead of manual operation. But one of the biggest problems has been plagued by Wu Lin. Machine cut the chili, the best is 90 degrees to the vertical cutting, a knife ChengDing. But at this stage the production line can’t do like this, the team of the joint, a zhang peng always in anhui is responsible for me and my sauce production management work. Have a new idea or move, Wu Lin will meet regularly to producer and zhang peng, a look at the technology could also improve again.

in addition to say sauce, actually can also talk about other things. But Wu Lin don’t hope the media too much attention to these things, but can feel that, in a conversation when it comes to product packaging, Wu Lin is actually rise of pride.

to choose suitable wrapping paper, Wu Lin with their years of experience in paper screened more than 90 kinds. Choose a kind of paper do last stick. Does whole feels there is a Japanese beauty. Glass can not easily also can settle. Wu Lin ran three provinces for appropriate bottle. Finalising a factory. At first, but the somebody else think we will have to number also requires much less. We are the last teeth to stamp, 50000 bottles of it. Remember our products, the effect is really not bad. But we still understand a truth. Is the raise is never end, want to understand enterprise to shout, hard, because platform products too much, no one manage to help you.

Wu Lin tell hunting cloud network, at this stage, I and my sauce trademark application down, although failed to the fate of the company name as “me and my sauce” food co., LTD. But Wu Lin feel also good sauce food co., LTD. The New Year, product publicity and promotion are also on the agenda. Wu Lin for sauce is a long-term planning. The future our company has a large or find their best farmers cooperation, our own to kinds of chili peppers, good on the raw materials. Had better have their own factories, do modification on the production line, cut the chili to achieve 95% success rate.

then myself with my camera to find the veteran artists who make the sauce, far and they chat, out of a book, to build a museum.