Salute high-tech green travel product inventory, chai jing “dome under”


have been Duang and a skirt for the meaningless brush screen, painting style, finally ushered in the thrilling under the dome. Chai jing spent a year time, millions, through site visits, check data, material production out of the dome under “for us to answer three questions: the fog haze, where is it, what do we do. Hunting cloud network inspired, what the scan of high-tech green travel products, contribute to environmental protection reducing haze together.

the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, is the main root of haze, relatively clean electricity, is considered to be green travel solution. Between walk too far, drive between waste, maybe you thought about the bike. Wrong, bicycle is slowly and vest in the fitness field, followed by bike or more traditional drops. Same, household electric vehicles is not included in the scope of the inventory.

electric unicycle

powered unicycle is a kind of relying on the electric drive and self balance control. Powered unicycle is a new generation of energy-saving, environmental protection, portable. Charging 1 or 2 hours, can drive 15 to 30 kilometers, short-distance transport is very convenient and can substitute for bus and subway. Powered unicycle form small, easy to carry, can be directly into the trunk of the car, referred to home or office. Music world in shenzhen technology co., LTD., independent research and development of rover unicycle V3 as an example, the vehicle weight is 13.5 kg, range of 30-35 kilometers, top speed of 18 miles per hour, charging only 2 hours, load of up to 120 kg. Built-in BLE bluetooth and bluetooth audio data, support a fully functional APP, a 5 km life circle preferred green travel means of transport.

electric roller skating alone a scooter

this onewheel electric roller skating scooter built-in nanometer phosphate batteries alone, high-speed charging only 20 minutes, while charging standard need to 2 hours, a top speed of 12 MPH, need not worry too much about security issues, through its internal sensors and algorithms can allow you to easily control the electric roller skating alone a scooter. Want to skateboard but were afraid to play with friends, might as well try this electric roller skating alone a scooter, believe you will fall in love with this novel.

electric car balance

balance electric car, car, taken a thinking, etc. Its operation principle is mainly based on a known as “dynamic stability”, on the basic principle of the use of car body internal gyroscope and accelerometer, to detect the change of the car body posture, and use the servo control system, accurately drive motor to adjust accordingly, in order to keep the balance of the system. Relative to electric unicycle, it is more easy to use, do not need to spend a lot of time to practice how to keep a balance on unicycle. R2 with rover body feeling same car as an example, which is up to 15 km per hour, a single charge can complete range of 20 km.

acton hot wheels

acton each heavy shoes 3 kg, hot wheels on both sides of the big wheels, heels a little wheels. It can be independent movement, shoes by using a two motor to drive. Built-in lithium electricity and intelligent control system. User forward acceleration, backward of deceleration and brake, and a variety of optional sliding mode. ACTON hot wheels points three types, namely, R6, the R8 and R10, corresponding to six miles, eight miles, 10 miles of range, the fastest speed of up to 19 km/h, if the condition is good, running sole raw wind: no problem. It is very suitable for short within the city, that is, to walk too far, laborious driving distance, such as to and from work. Maximum bearing 120 kilograms, nine kilometers range.

city scooter

scooter is a city by city scooter is a new scooter, its design have a children’s scooter, give attention to two or morethings segway (an electric car instead of walking) and bicycle, it can easily in pedestrian crowded roads, up to 24.1 km in the maximum speed of bike lanes. In July 2013, the city of scooter manufactured by German Scroos company research. Company set up Jane, Tim (Jens Thieme) described the invention as “completely new concept vehicles”.

maglev skateboard

from California startup Arx Pax launched Hendo skateboards, similar to that of magnetic levitation technology USES Hendo skateboard in the central set up four round magnets, can drive the skateboard movement in different ways, the user through the application of the tilting body or on mobile devices to control the skateboarding. Slide on the actual scenario, the ground must be covered with a layer of copper is used to produce magnetic field, and at the bottom of the skateboard so repellent effect.

electric vehicles

if you don’t drive a car to talk about electric cars around, so also is not open around the tesla electric cars. Before the Spring Festival, envy is others’ let a tesla fire again at the same time. Introduction to tesla had more than enough, also detailed enough, it earn enough attention, but the price is still too high. But, fortunately, tesla has been planned in entry-level tesla a cheap edition in 2017, for $35000.

A fuel-cell car

is the working principle of fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen as a fuel in the fuel cell car pick up, and atmospheric oxygen in the REDOX reaction, generate electricity to drive the motor work, by the mechanical transmission structure of motor drive the car, and drives the car’s front axle (or rear axle) such as mechanical work, so as to drive electric cars.
Core parts fuel cells. Fuel cell reaction results will produce little carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, by-product mainly produce water, therefore is called the green new environmentally friendly cars.

jump up…

although few would choose skipping travel, but cloud network hunting list here, because it is green also is very interesting. The Kangoo to company recently launched a miraculous rebound shoes, the springback is very similar to the appearance of shoes with roller skates, is installed at the bottom of the shoes is elliptical spring instead of pulley. At first in this kind of shoes, need to bounce a few times in the same spot, to adapt to the “rebound” feeling, then you can use them on the beach, the side of the road, even the snow, enjoy the “weightless” springback movement. The same bounce shoes, and it is a kind of from China’s high up, the germans developed a new type of sports shoes.


we will have a new way to travel, to make you like superman, “in your heart, free to fly.” Martin jet pack flight can be either vertical take-off and landing, also can fast forward. The jet pack 2.20 meters high, 2.14 meters wide, mission controllers stood 1.75 meters of space, and its weight is 120 kg. Is the arrangement of the power plant, the use of small volume V4 engine two-stroke engine, with a high power, high reliability, flat torsion torque curve characteristics, such as using the auto fuel and two-stroke engine oil, when filled with gasoline at an altitude of 1000 meters to 74 kilometers an hour 30 minutes of flight.

is like a car to the development of electric vehicle and Martin jet pack now still in the stage of research and development test flight, maybe when conditions are ripe, considering the energy conservation and environmental protection, driven by electricity will also be possible, even nuclear power. Human beings have realized the seriousness of the air pollution, was also determined to declared war on the fog haze, in addition to the above inventory of high-tech green travel products, hunting cloud network like chai jing, hope you remember the call: “12369”, don’t let it is just a number.