Sales staff is startup garbage detector

near the mouth to eat, this is the people’s common perception on sales staff.

at the same time, which is why some startup CEO and founder of ideas. Look at the sales staff buzzed around like a headless fly, like in the autonomous coin-operated laundry.

in order to highlight the irony to sales staff, often when we made the evaluation with a smile. “you know”

when I don’t think so.

the idea of the error is caused by many factors. From the hand, this is a wrong idea, the idea will erase all sales staff’s great achievement. An outstanding team can success of a company, also can ruin a company. This is why some products after general but have excellent sales team, can still win the market favor.

there is another reason why these misunderstandings, is that people tend to think the sales staff is to run errands, pick up the phone, there is no technical content. In fact, the sales staff should also be part of the company’s management, they are very important.

in the company’s leadership and strategy, sales should be at the top or the centre. Whether what kind of company, a good sales team is its most valuable assets.

sales personnel have been the first customer oriented, they believe that the company’s products to customers. They speak most about the market situation, can help the company set up a series of market orientation strategy, can bring loyal customers for the company and the company for the future development of the total strategy.

many years ago, I was one of the big pharmaceutical companies do sales personnel, New Jersey. The company set up a message box, sales staff should be in the message box message, when the content is out of the field observations. Whenever I finish the field back, I will be hungry to read the content of the message box, the value of the message box to me as a gold mine.

however, no one except me to listen to the message box. Therefore, every time I listen to a message box, inside have saved more than 10000 unread messages. It’s a real gold mine, in fact we have to get a lot of useful information, and thus developed products, made a lot of money.

it is clear that the sales department and the company’s other departments have an obvious “wall”, that “wall” might even battered your company.

“jobs balance”

of course, this is not to say that the sales staff all words should be followed. In fact, jobs said to, you can’t completely rely on customer feedback to manufacturing products, because “most of the time, wait until you put the product in front of the user to know what they want.”

but, in fact, we are still big gap and jobs, and made their jobs spent 40 years. So, why don’t we will user feedback gathered in front of us and take advantage of?

of course, the company is not to listen to opinions and Suggestions from all the sales staff. Some may be “money”, but there are also some is just a staff’s advice about the company’s short-term or long-term goal.

in some cases, sales staff there is not a long term goal, they will be very believe a product manager point of view. Finally, many ideas could be skewed, sales staff will focus too much on the customer’s idea, and ignore the company’s long-term development strategy, or direction from the macroscopic mass consumption. Therefore, the company’s leaders should seek a balance. Of course, the premise of balance or get to know your customers.

so, ceos to do?

let the sales staff to participate in various meetings, management meetings or decision meeting, as long as it is and the development strategy of related meeting, sales staff should attend. This is also the only way to balance. In many cases, I found the sales staff also has the very strong innovation ability, they also thought is agile and dynamic, can bring vitality for the collective.

of course, this is not an easy thing. Product manager certainly don’t want to, between them and sales people tend to have a different opinion. Want to make peace with the two or a bit difficult.

junk detector

a lot of product manager like behind closed doors, all people have the same opinions, and make things very to his taste. Then, six months after the product launch. (here said the product is a complete product, not just a function) if so, a lot of precious time could be spent on function, no use of such products, sales staff will lay also shot in the

part in all kinds of meeting sales staff is junk detector. During the meeting, the sales personnel can be published for the opinions of the product: “I know that you have confidence in the product. But, I don’t think it will impress the customer. This product is and what is the difference between the similar products on the market?”

or sales staff were perplexed by products, also can ask: “where is this product’s selling point?”

if there is no sales staff is present, we may miss the chance to get to know a customer feedback. By the user feedback, we can make our products more popular with the customers.

in fact, the sales staff is the bridge between company and customers, sales staff and customers to stay together everyday, they are the people who know the customers most.

the value of sales staff Suggestions and different market survey report, the recommendations focus on how to make the company to the next level. In some cases, the sales staff with financial experience and customer service personnel, can bring a kind of indispensable, “all-round” advice.

my friend Grady Burnett (market veteran, Facebook and Google work) as it is think so. Because they understand customer needs better than anyone, they stand at the forefront of fighting at the mall, and know the market situation, can find a flaw, service competition and learn various skills.

early faced with the prospect of true and real opinions of customers, with plenty of money and all kinds of ideas, the company can withstand wind and rain and blow, rapid development, win the favor of the customers at the same time.

this is why we go further than silicon valley hiring those veteran salesman. Along with the development of the company, technology companies are no longer just a tech company only (in hiring professional manager person should consider these problems, even if only do purchases). By relationship sales are down, only to form a strong sales team, make the team for our service and provide some Suggestions, such ability can let the company in an impregnable position.

fusion=more trouble

the big question is whether sales staff for the new product with confidence. Old product maturity high, why should a risk to the customer recommended only know maybe it’s just 10 days before the new product? Therefore, if the leadership let the sales staff to participate in a variety of product research and development conference, this problem is solved.

this fusion model is also affected the company set product roadmap. Generally speaking, the product manager is out of the way, “well, this thing in our roadmap, it’s just been know

even if some changes to the product development time, so also should inform the sales staff, let them know fairly well, this will also be able to encourage the whole sales team.

outstanding sales team is very professional and clear. They must be so, so often go beyond their previous sales, and set new goals. As a result, they know the more information, to do performance would be the sooner the better.

note that the sales staff sales when the product also needs to have a flexible space. But, also want to maintain consistency, this done through sales and product management. If there is no sales staff speak completely understand details of the products or the development process, they may know enough or in pushing the sale of product was boasting their products (especially in the software industry), for this kind of problem, the company will be difficult to solve.

when I run SuccessFactors, I forced to see all kinds of product management for sales staff meeting. In this way, our meeting is more transparent, to eliminate those unrealistic ideas. Overturned this way before product workshop mode, has extremely beneficial effect on the forum.

in fact, does not have to set up the sales vice President position (especially the more than 30 of the company), a senior sales staff will be enough. Caveat here: the product is still by the product manager is responsible for, and he will be responsible for product’s short-term and long-term development plan. But, after all, the purpose of a company is to sell things, if talking about the products and sales staff is able to play a supporting role. Product managers and sales staff, can play a great power.

please try, this is also the only a correct way.

until now I haven’t said money of things, in fact, the sales staff should be paid by results. For this problem, I will in the next article mentioned. As long as clear a concept, no results, no food, and in this way, can let the sales staff spontaneously set goals for yourself or with the rest of the company.

sales people maybe will be your most honest employee, maybe that will be able to “coin fool” do a good comments.


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