Saic and ali Internet car fund set up 1 billion yuan, 2016 launched the first bus

after robin li said baidu is developing a car yesterday, ali is announced in today at noon to joint venture set up 1 billion yuan and saic group “Internet car fund”. The establishment of the fund to promote the “Internet car” development and operation platform construction, the future will be an open platform for the capital, to absorb more Internet car participants. This is the last year after the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, a substantial step.

saic has China’s largest customer base, the vehicle integration, power assembly, the new energy technology, automotive electronics and architecture has a strong independent development ability and solid, in the field of car and car networking information service application has profound research and development and operating experience, in car sales, service, logistics and financial aspects of a perfect system. Alibaba group, with independent development of Yun OS operating system, has China’s largest cloud computing and the Internet data, build the massive Internet content, services, and ecosystem, in electronic commerce, finance, maps and navigation, communications and other fields have the core technology and service ability.

saic and ali will give full play to their advantages, common leading Chinese car “” the Internet technology development, service operation, business models and user experience, the establishment of the relevant standards and norms, promote the cross-border innovation and transformation of development of the automotive industry, optimize reconstruct auto industry chain and ecosystem, and for the future of the smart car and the traffic to lay the solid foundation.

Cheng Jinglei, chief engineer of Shanghai automotive industry corporation, said the Internet will become a basic attribute of the car, to help users in owning a car and enjoy travel service to solve the “pain points”, create “dessert”. The car of the future cars will speed up to the Internet.

alibaba’s chief technology officer, jian wang said Internet car in improving of people and cars at the same time, will be to the car and the car, car and road, vehicle and infrastructure of communication direction. People, vehicles, roads and infrastructure in four dimensional interaction becomes a trend, it will lay foundation for the perfection of the self-driving technology.

the cooperation of both sides the first Internet cars will be listed in 2016.