Safety concern & amp; XCon: information security personnel training, they can find justice “killer”

at present, many young people have a good dream for a career in information security, is eager to go out in this field, out their own heaven and earth, and even many lovers dropped out special study in information security technology, so that can not get the understanding of the family. But, due to the particularity of information security study, pay more attention to, to share the experience of actual combat training, so a lot of elementary learners often face don’t know where to start, no systematic study thinking, study so long and bumpy road.

on the other hand, grow up to focus on the security line technology for big geek, itself, they also want their own learning can successfully to teach. And can let more people in the industry focus on information security.

earliest existing domestic security organization “security focus & amp; XCon organizing committee released: information security personnel of subversion (hereinafter referred to as “myth”). Hope can develop the traditional information security personnel system. Platforms including mentor qiming stars big pan, KEEN TEAM, basaltic laboratory TK, and China’s first apple jailbreak technical TEAM pangu domestic information security higher-ups.

at present to realize information security personnel training target, “myth” action will be divided into three steps: one is the collection of domestic information security industry 30-50 line higher-ups, precept for students, the teaching contents include technical skills, teamwork, psychological quality, physical training and the laws and regulations and so on comprehensive quality training; Second is to develop students focus on a six-month enclosed specially trained, adopting accurate militarized management, learning and have a special life daily life support service personnel; 3 it is the special force will use audition interview, layers of elimination, the winner, promotion, the ultimate PK “draft” mode, will filter out 30 contestants from all applicants into closed specially trained, and then through several rounds of elimination finally left 12 players into the ultimate PK security industry is actually in cultivating the “killer” of justice.

security focus is one of the top information security site was established in 1999, and a batch of information security is the first domestic experts. At the same time, XCon safety focus is the domestic information technology summit held the longest time, one of the most authoritative information safety meeting.