Runoff net leaked internal mail, B round has been completed

cloud network hunting note: runoff all net another round of financing funds to the account. Runoff network in addition to study abroad to go abroad, now also provide study practice, immigration, and various examination training and interested in learning business, like taobao, users can choose to purchase online and by offline business offers courses.

there are industry today revealed that, the first domestic focus on O2O guide mobile Internet education product platform for network CEO John jen tai runoff release internal email, notify all the staff, the company completed a new round of financing, led by chinaequity capital, capital with new Oriental group, linear, the money already all into account, E-mail did not disclose the specific amount of financing. Confirmed by the personage inside course of study to run-off employee, the internal mail is true.

in the internal mail, for “you” are very familiar with and chinaequity capital of the new Oriental group, John jen tai didn’t do too much, just made a simple description of linear capital, said John jen tai “LinearVenture linear capital, was founded in 2014, is a newly established domestic venture capital funds, founded by Wang Huai, etc. Wang Huai is to write the “create Facebook: Facebook outbreaks of 5 years experience, capricious after 80.” It is reported that new Oriental and chinaequity capital, and capital in 2014, completed A round of runoff net investment. John jen tai also said in the mail, “Mr Wang Chaochong teacher, Mr Yu is our director, in the past year runoff net very big support and help.”

John jen tai of runoff in the internal mail network over the past year result conclude: in February, 2015, in February 2014, compared to the registered users data, transaction data, average daily UV data, average daily PV data on online transactions and several aspects have been a sharp growth.

mail also revealed that 15 season runoff east entrepreneurship competition will also be launched on April 8.

runoff network was established in November 2012, headquarters is located in Beijing. In June 2013 to complete an angel round amoebic capital investment, completed in March 2014, new Oriental capital and chinaequity capital, and capital is A round of investment. The financing means B round run-off net also accomplished.

in the run-off before complete B round of funding announcement, industry sources confirmed John jen tai has joined the eagle desert travel, as a new director. Eagle desert travel (innmall) for quick hotel housekeeper strategic adjustment after the latest products, the goal is to become a “day” cat in the hospitality industry, the board of directors of the eagle desert travel by: eagle CEO li desert travel, flight steward, CEO of the company commander, network CEO John jen tai runoff, ctrip CEO James liang together.