Room dad room mom: a zero commission O2O property trading platform

May 8 (word/Tan Ziling)

cloud network hunting note: dream is always some, one thousand achieved? The young heart is full of all kinds of idea, uncle, too, in the Internet age, who have a dream in the heart, who is the stage of talent. Room dad room mom founder Huang Shuai China is such a dream, and constantly thinking of uncle.

room dad room mom is a zero intermediary O2O property trading platform, the core concept of information transparency. From a big level, room dad room mama aims to 0 in the form of mediation, let the real estate intermediary industry towards the property exchange market, by the previous closed opaque trading way change to the direction of information symmetry, finally forms the second-hand housing intermediary industry ecosystem.

cloud network understanding, hunting in June 2014, jiangxi room mom dad room real estate real estate co., LTD. Was set up, after six months, the PC’s official website is launched. Founder Huang Shuai China previously worked in telecom cable industry, after work for highway engineering, originated in 90 after the son’s practice experience, in March 2014, he had to start a O2O property trading platform. Now the company scale has been expanding to nearly 40 people. Huang Shuai China introduction, last November, room dad room mom phone APP is launched, comprehensive support IOS and android, products are iterative update.

specific to the platform, the core concept of room dad room mom’s information into the open, online through the Internet platform to buy and sell information transparency, buyer can contact the landlord directly, reduce the intermediate links, but also save frequently tens of thousands of yuan of commission; Offline combined with Internet marketing model, set up one or more contract trading center, provide intermediary all the office services, including negotiation, signing, transfer, etc., the process and the traditional intermediary a mold, do not need to open stores, streets, reduced the storefront and personnel costs, reducing the charge standard, really deserved to buy a house sell 0.

relative to some other rental housing sites, to hunt Huang Shuai China cloud network, said room mom dad room charge 1500/sets of arms legs, not intermediary fee.

Huang Shuai China, points out that actually room dad room mom’s advantage is to solve the information asymmetry problem of previous traditional intermediary, at the same time, do not collect fees. Traditional real estate intermediary companies use the marketing management mode, personnel fluidity big, increase the risk of social security, and high commission, standards, and room dad room mom combined with Internet marketing model, set up one or more center contract negotiations, the landlord phone directly to the buyer, the buyer directly in touch with the landlord, reduce the intermediate links, at the same time, on the Internet services include membership, and call the landlord, etc., all are free.

to hunt Huang Shuai China cloud network, according to room dad room mom now more than 4000 people have registered members and homes have nearly 100000 on the site. Room dad room mom is considering to Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other first-tier cities expansion. Huang Shuai mom dad said room room the initial target audience is facing the whole country, in nanchang is the first step in the development of the ground.

at present, they are mainly lack of talents and funds, founder Huang Shuai China is also considering financing.