Rookie push logistics APP wrapped up, not only for ali, also open to the public

in the past two years, novice network has launched several information data product, in the service of delivery companies and electronic business enterprise, but few hit consumer applications.

but recently found that novice launched a mobile application software, called wrapped up not only support Tmall, taobao, cost-effective package, universal coverage and support mainstream express logistics query. The service object is a logistics and post consumer demand.

at the time of use, page taobao account user can log in directly, means “wrapped up” APP and taobao already open in an all-round way.

in addition to the base near the Courier number query, search logistics network and Posting management services, wrapped up can also help consumers track packages, provide aging forecast, to evaluate logistics services, consumer can according to the mood, evaluation of logistics services.

according to wrap up the page of “timeout” entrance, you can also help consumers pick out timeout such abnormal parts.