Roasting the epitaph: home baking assistant of selected formula

May 10 (word/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: today is mother’s day, hunting cloud network wish mothers a happy holiday. To introduce a baking class APP – “roasting time”, a may, according to existing home baking ingredients intelligence screening recipe APP, share same time step teaching, recipes, etc.

in February 2015, founder of the roasting time Lin Wenbo and his team have swapped intelligent kitchen electric baking community started his second venture. Roasting time the APP is launched at the end of April, the product can be existing raw materials according to user’s home intelligent filter can immediately make food formula, to solve a lot of baking lovers in a short period of time don’t know what to do, can do, how to do market pain points.

roasting carved from wisdom to choose formula, aims to build a home baking lovers oriented mobile community. Products to provide customers with the food made with pictures and recipes, including all kinds of baked food such as bread, cake, marca dragon. Roasting time team will make your own recommended recipe, users can also share their formulation and production process.

in the user differentiation demand side, baked cutter for different levels of users to improve different choice. Bake for beginners, there are production difficulty of low entry level formula and the tutorial; For busy users are equipped with bread machine dedicated recipes, let users in a short period of time for fun experience.

so product how wise choose formula?

Lin Wenbo tell hunting cloud network, product all formula will prompt the user whether to prepare raw material and help the user to mark the lack of raw materials. “When the user don’t know what to bake food, just click on the home in the APP for ingredients, roasting time can help the user to automatically extract can immediately make use of the existing ingredients of food, and provide a clear recipe for easy operation.”

roasting time also for the user to set the function of food management, according to user’s collection of formula ingredients, prompt the user may need to buy the ingredients that are likely to run out soon. Through the “raw material” in the APP interface, roasting time help the user to construct a “ingredients list management”. Lin Wenbo think solve the problem of the ingredients, the user can easily enjoy baking.

roasting time behind the founding team is shell network technology co., LTD., fujian team currently has 10 members, both for professional and technical personnel in the field of ICT and IoT. Shell network focused on baking vertical, two years of intelligent kitchen electric development experience. Lin Wenbo tell hunting cloud network, the team plan for the future of the product has the following points:
1. Improve the user experience, let the recipe search more convenient
2. The product will be combined with intelligent baking hardware, to realize the seamless docking soft linkage
3. With baking ingredients, baking utensils electricity, realized formula materials purchasing function keys,
4. Strengthen the community property products, convenient for lovers exchange experience

the recipes of the APP is very much on the market, such as food jie recipe an APP include major cuisine, have a good user base. While roasting time focus on baking class recipes, and put forward the concept of smart menu is new in the same kind of competing goods. But cloud network think hunting in user scale and marketing, roasting time as a new industry needs to be more efforts to explore their business model.

cloud network hunting, roasting time recently launched baking collection – I love my mother, mother’s day for mothers and built several simple and easy to operate worldwide food. The sun is over the weekend, abandoning the flowers and romantic, their warmth warm cake together with my mother ~