Road, let overseas travelers play private custom, launched an exclusive App for route

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road, is a focus on services China outbound free line users of Internet companies. Provide the depth of travel planning to the interpersonal communication and docking services to realize the depth of personalized travel experience. Stick to a service charge of custom, use private custom APP as out on books and collaboration capabilities, realize mobile interconnection model.

way, custom docking process is a small team to a single customer. When users have needs, the first by a customer service representative for users with product introduction, reassure users concerns, by understanding the needs of customers recursion to senior custom division, communication is completed by the technical personnel according to user requirements belong to the user’s unique travel APP, after download, no traffic can also be free to use. The custom process will be done in three days. Travel 24 hours of the docking problems arising from the travel service. Rates of change, according to the number of custom team transparent procurement process, the total cost certificate will be sent to the user.

the CEO Wang Xibei told hunting cloud network, products mainly to solve three aspects of market pain points.

first, solve the user for the screening of large amounts of information. Free line users suffer from the preparation and the route of custom mostly complex SuoSuiHua, usually need to spend a month of time and the route query for their early shopping. Products can be greatly line for free users save time and energy.

second, solve the problem of information inaccuracy. To free users in some of the web site looking for food does not meet the taste of the Chinese nationality and fill a lot of false information, at the same time many free line users at the end of the local, for some reason want to experience in restaurant or hotel is to remodel or have been closed and unnecessary waste of time.

third, solve the problems of the travel not deep tunnel. Free line for authentic local users want visit rather than a broad area, spun to find local authentic cheap service is difficult, to truly experience the brochure or description of the country, in the book than local senior talent is difficult to complete the task, because in the process in addition to access to information may also need to expand connections.

about the custom and the difference of newspaper group, CEO Wang Xibei has an interesting analogy: “newspaper group as we download the seed before, do not need to pay, but it may be a gun’s version of, also trouble to search. But now, we put the transparency of the charge, as you register a member, you can see the latest blockbuster in advance, we can help you docking resources. In addition to make money when you don’t have to worry about.”

way of policies on service charges plain code marks a price, correct and satisfied, the user to identify planning route charge custom fee. And procurement team to deal with including visa, hotel reservation, ticket booking and rent a car and a series of services. The last send booking information to the user.

compared to the traditional OTA, way, belong to the travel industry’s personality. Teams are on target users a certain line of experience and have specific travel needs of users. CEO Wang Xibei repeated free line of people is the core of the product user. And he thinks that have the same idea to in-depth discussion and communication, and ultimately to complete customer satisfaction the depth of the free line of experience. If there are differences on the concept, the user and the team will be internecine. Second, customized travel guide is a demand of product, more and more people travel to have special requirements, it will be a huge blue ocean market.

in order to achieve accurate depth, way, currently only opened the five regions of the outbound tourism, Sri Lanka, Europe, America, Australia and Thailand, the route is the basic measurement with their feet out of the team members. Docking local players at the same time, attract them to join the team to become a custom division, update the latest local travel information. The segmentation for the user community, such as vacation, parents, together with the old and so on. At present, according to data from the holiday demand of users is more, the island is more travel and shopping trips. In the majority with 80, 90 young people after user background, this part of the people to the requirement of quality and feelings is higher, for the price is not particularly sensitive. Don’t compete on price, product experience to beat the competition.

to cultivate stickiness, Wang Xibei said don’t worry too much: “the current product absorb stickiness is very strong, because the target user is relatively good, for freedom idea very identity, as long as the product has good grinding, ensure that the user experience is the best feedback to the user.” The current personality, he said, the traveling public volume is not large, the current stage of the task is not to the user’s explosive growth, but the product perfectly.

team and product profit model is derived from pure custom fee income. Team the whole purchasing process transparency, through a third party platform to get the ticket and hotel information and will cost detail sent to customer. The third party platform preference airlines website. Later in the guarantee user experience on the basis of the corresponding cost of compression. After users volume increase in the future, will the ticket and hotel procurement outsourcing, because the profit of products is not save user travel costs. Wang Xibei said products in the first month of operations has profit, according to the current forecast according to the development speed, order quantity can reach ten thousand or so.

in the market for many travel agencies are exploring custom market, but most of the team are belong to the pseudo custom, still is OTA resource or grafting of positioning is high-end business travel. In terms of competing goods, poor 9 users’ custom, is the main way to copy grafting other’s travel itinerary, still worry about the whole process of their own. Compared with the way, the model is similar to that of no second trip to Beijing.

the author thinks that, custom is a journey by demand oriented products, focus on the target users, enhance the user experience grind the commodity is the cornerstone of occupy the market. The expansion of the scale routing should slow down, as the traveling environment gradually change gradually cultivate and user consumption habits, customized travel may occupy the high ground of the tourism market in the future. Now the rise of Shared economy has gradually encourage and attract Chinese people back up their bags, and customized travel will be in the future under the east wind will attract more users.

the way, is currently actively looking for angel rounds of investment, is expected to sell 10% ~ 15% of the shares.