Rich second generation & quot; Economical & quot; Let aunt into community main O2O operation

(article/who 闫森)

does not fear the rich second generation rich, and they were afraid to grounding gas rich second generation.

community O2O by ding dong district 100 million angels in the media, and with ding dong district capital chain is broken, layoffs, by the media to see failure. Everybody, everybody all away. Like community O2O threshold is a there is no industry, in addition to a camp product with money to burn, smashing of choose and employ persons, even local class “O2O banner of traditional fraud in the name of the agent to join in the major cities to make community O2O gold cake. Market is too fire, so that everyone regardless of burns, all want to jump in to say again first.

say the truth, at first contact affordable APP, not holding the psychological, very friendly feel them: to expand, aggressive, has the rich dad, fry concept, rush on the market. This is a selfish understanding of affordable APP early. So, understand a product, but also have to put aside your thoughts, have to go and see.

affordable APP by e-house China united sina, sina weibo, focus media, together with shentong express delivery to office (community) mobile life O2O service platform. the industry calls affordable APP is cao accounting (chao, good at capital operation) and weekly sales (Zhou Xin, marketing concepts) wanted to set up community O2O wind listed on the capital market to do a quick myth. Big enterprise cooperation, a means of defense greater than bulk.

but perhaps all too despised the ideas mentioned above, after and affordable APP team communication, whole feels this is a company that service to the ground, all executives must be to a line to practice, to contact the user, to contact businesses, the community, what other people have the community operation how to have a better floor plan.

we recruit community, a 70 – year – old old man do employees affordable APP, no surprise, it’s real. Affordable APP, head of the Beijing tell hunting cloud network, affordable at the start of operation main free community welfare cuts O2O market, shake free of charge for breakfast, pizza, afternoon tea, hot-and-dry noodles, seafood hot pot (complimentary food affordable asked manufacturer must be minimum 6 months shelf life, goods goes straight to the local shentong warehouse) , mobile phone, camera, diamond ring and other gift. Breakfast, lunch, mobile phone, camera substantial procurement, diamond ring, coupons and enterprise cooperation. Some people say we are crazy, but we know we have no, now the company is the biggest spending employee wages, the number of too many, we are a startup company scale of 3000 people. A wave of welfare now many are free and merchants cooperation.

every city of each district should actually fine operation, this is we do community O2O knows the truth. Let people understand the community to run and the train of thought. We believe that a 70 – year – old old man to talk to a community shop sponsored a basket of eggs than we send a push merchants of young people to do good. So future affordable APP each community’s main operations are familiar with the community elderly men, main job content is to discuss the cooperation, for the welfare of community residents.

tell hunting cloud network team, cheap community products at the present stage city large area coverage is on the one hand, they also know that only the depth operation can revitalize the . Affordable affordable team Yang Xi COO is a former music editor, product core team from sina weibo (technical team from micron), founder of fencing for weibo Peng Shaobin affordable products. Urban expansion from the core cities stand 10 to cover 40 cities this year, expanding the pace is so big, style from the music in the substation of the cities, affordable local substation to build and incubation team will recruit training from RACES. And the principal city team a mostly from le ju.

cheap community O2O concept from free of charge welfare cuts, social demand in the community service proportion is still very low. Steel building urban structure let people already like “nothing is knocking at the door, have something looking for property”. Not overlap between living habits are difficult to melt through a community product. Community to explore from the merchant and client make the connection, by organizing consumption, show information, give preferential to produce weak interaction between community neighborhood . Affordable, head of the app tell hunting cloud network, an interesting phenomenon is some users to a free gift, he doesn’t need or don’t have the time consumption, can send in our circle zone exchange or free gift needs, these are the benign interaction, we can also increase operating and guide. The benefits in the thinking of walking platform, community services, housekeeping, generation of driving, take-away, wisdom is open to families choose cooperation cooperation enterprises operation.

maybe many entrepreneurs also didn’t want to good at the community O2O direction on how to expand the profit model, net APP has trying some profit model. core idea is: seize the user base, help businesses to do precise marketing! urban expansion in order to cover a wide user base, the merchants of the cheaper is neighborhood mom-and-pop stores, such as small chain stores in group-buying, the public comments on the merchant, this gives reasonable chance to try. cheap on merchants can make independent small business advertising, low price + accurate user marketing applies in consumer products, such as snacks, beverages, cosmetic, and even cars, real estate developers need large area coverage such as advertisers. affordable APP Shanghai has set up a testing the waters in this mode. Internet pay attention to the wool in pigs, let the dog to pay. Affordable APP is ideal in the future, the biggest community of precision marketing + landing Internet community last mile.

so, does not fear the rich second generation rich, and they were afraid to grounding gas rich second generation. Affordable APP executives every Saturday to interview with users, but also do push, survey, review, and feedback, etc. As a whole, affordable APP is a resource driver + capital driven products, so all that future burden hand over to the aunt.