Rice krispies rabbit: small and beautiful H5 creative platform White can do front-end development

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

rice krispies rabbit is an HTML 5 mobile marketing platform, both the development tools and content aggregation functions. It helps people make, share, spread their ideas, no technology based small white can directly choose the web template, edit, and save the preview work. Team members are now a total of 10 people, mainly the front-end technicians and designers.

“we two founders, very interested in the front-end, HTML 5 direction, also use micro letter platform development before application and small game, like can further reduce the development threshold, do not do rework, using tools to human liberation, so he decided to try to do this thing.” Rice krispies rabbit founder Wu Liang convective cloud network said.

HTML 5 technology is the development trend of mobile client presentation layer, its natural open across terminals, compatibility and low cost of development, the characteristics of the terminal diversified era incomparable advantages with other technology, also can let enterprises, especially entrepreneurs have more opportunities for development. The world wide web consortium in October last year is officially recommended H5 technical standards; There are many experts believe that the next few years will remain mobile application based on the technology of H5 important status.

the current domestic many do H5 platform, such as MAKA, rabbit at the beginning of the exhibition, page, etc. What is the distinguishing feature of popcorn rabbit? First, as a tool platform, it provides a simple and efficient generation tools, original “peacock feathers” tools to a button will conform to the specifications of design draft into HTML pages, liberated the human from repetitive work; Furthermore, as content aggregation platform, it will be good for creative content aggregation on the market, for the consumer research, reference, learning and imitation.

in the future, the rice krispies rabbit team plans to developers with the demand side, on the one hand, advertising companies, such as traditional enterprise users to solve the technical requirements of marketing mode of HTML 5, on the other hand to let small team received project developers using the technology ability, obtain income.

about the business model, Wu Liang said, “at present, we mainly want to take advantage of the resources to serve developers and users, to be sure, the rice krispies rabbit as tools and services will adhere to the thinking of completely free in the future, we will not accept money to developers; On the other hand will cooperate with advertising company, to provide professional advertising company HTML 5 technical solutions and value-added services.”

HTML 5 trends in now is good, but also need the test of time, market is headed in the emerging markets and the young rice krispies rabbit team is to be the test of time. Rice krispies rabbit product owner said they would take their hobby H5 development has been focused on professional to do it. The project is currently seeking angel round.