Review 2015 MacBook Air: lost in the past aura

cloud network hunting note: apple’s top configuration, and the appearance of the avant-garde design has always been a PC on the market of luxury goods, its quality has also been a monopoly in the heart of the “holy grail”. But the MacBook Air stagnation in the design of the decline in market evaluation. Let’s review the 2015 MacBook Air of old and new changes of the appearance. See where exactly are specific problems.

published in 2010 when apple computer is the appearance of the design, but caused a great sensation. The style of its structure and design than the previous generation of Air has a great improvement and improve. This is the first time apple Air series added SSD. Prices also fell at the same time, this makes people who can only buy the MacBook can now happy to buy the latest MacBook Air (MBA). MacBook Pro series then modeled on the MBA this one design, also sought to become thinner, and add the standard solid-state memory, then head to add such as wire and drive configuration. The latest MacBook inherited the basic characteristics of Air series: Jane, thin, light, and the perfection in this respect.

but as MacBook are increasingly turning to the other members of the family and the entire PC industry that Jane thin light design, the design of the MBA is stalled. From the appearance, the latest 2015 MBA and released before 2013/2014 series of Air is no different. Look from the function, the difference is relatively less. Change Haswell processor to the new Broadwell processor, running speed and no qualitative leap. From the Thunderbolt port into the Thunderbolt port 2. 2013 MBA on battery life had the very big enhancement, 2015 MBA battery life are almost consistent with the 2013 version.

but released in the 2015 version of the Air in the series there are a few things need to pay attention to. We adjusted for Air series standard cell test data, and in the lists below a few people care about. Unfortunately, these data do not make this was a prospective design on behalf of the product in this view is infinite reference, design is the era of infinite copy stand out.

2010 MBA although in the past 12 to 18 months has shown weakness, but it still shows its pride in many ways. The configuration is still in the leading position, such as the keyboard is more stable, faster than HP chocolate keyboard response on the PC. Touchpad, OS X and gesture input is still a huge advantage. Apple aluminum one edge of the fuselage do very good, although some people don’t mind typing wrists will uncomfortable by touching hard metal frame. Apple in the design of port choice also leading in the same orientation of price and volume of other laptop, in addition to the MBA, there are few similar computer equipped with a Thunderbolt port 2 (the rate is as high as 20 Gbps).

in many design halfback PC machine, the latest dell XPS 13 May be the most famous of these. Around the screen thin flap made dell maximum contract the volume of the computer, equipped with 13 inch screen computer volume looks with the same size as the overall MBA 11 inches. Want to work on a plane, while the front seat of your chair put lie down, and the computer will not let you bother baffle spacing is not enough.

dell XPS 13 doesn’t actually how much lighter than Air. Both are three pounds. So it looks like dell is all the missing part of the compression. This is apple had played tricks, apple computer equipped with Ritina for screen, was on the quality and function condition under the premise of contraction of volume.

the key is on the screen size. Retina screen gradually infiltrated the Mac team all the equipment in the business. Air still insist Ritina screen series, but also did not use high-quality IPS panel, it is with the Ritina a little difference between the other members of the family. Because MBA is still continue to use 1440 x 768 x 900 and 900 TN panels. Although compared with the 2010 and 2011 notebook, this is really a good TN panels, and resolution also has some improvement. 2015, but now they are screen showing the worst of the product.

unlike PCS, many 1080 p IPS screen armed only with the basic configuration of all-in-one prices starting at $800 to $900. QHD or QHD + resolution is upgraded configuration. Dell XPS 13, and many other systems, all at the expense of the battery life improved screen resolution, which is actually a kind of one sector. But to have a high resolution Retina MacBook battery life, according to the test but it totally has the ability to overcome this problem.

apple computer is still a very good laptop. But the problem is that it has the appearance of proud design now has gradually been other laptop to imitate and substitute. Retina MacBook also had to deal with such complaints, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice the performance of the computer and port access, only to computer a bit lighter, more clear and beautiful screen. But both.

internal form, performance and battery life

at this point, we can see a lot of system to use Intel Broadwell – U processor. Dual-core configuration makes running faster than Intel Core M (but cell loss is bigger), but the upcoming dual quad-core Intel years Broadwell slowly. Entry-level configuration MBA Core i5-5250 – u processor, Intel’s latest NUC mini desktop is also equipped with the processor. This introductory MBA at the same time equipped with a frequency of 1.6 GHz CPU frequency (farce to 2.7 GHz) and integrated Intel HD 6000 graphics card, this than most PC manufacturers generally use HD 5500 graphics card a little bit fast.

new MBA is exactly what you expect. Than 10% faster than the original Haswell processors, 13 inch MacBook Pro duo run 20% slower. Air series of CPU performance did not significantly increase in recent years. If consider performance or speed you should choose 13 inch Macbook Pro, or upgraded to Core i7 processor (need to add $150).

Intel HD 6000 integrated graphics upgrade makes changing benchmark data. Cinebench test data show that Intel HD 6000 integrated graphics 25% faster than the HD 5000 integrated graphics. GFXBench T – Rex test the 10% faster in GFXBench Manhattan tests in velocity. But is the configuration of the Mac OS X 10.10.2 and ordinary computer is equipped with Windows 8.1. According to the result of Manhattan test, it seems that OS X OpenGL 4.1 performance more stable. In this regard, the MacBook Pro configuration Intel Iris 6100 GPU performance improvement is the advantage of 10% 20%.

HD 6000 GPU can drive 4 k display, 60 hz frequency support 1.2 port. Thunderbolt 2 port can be connected with DisplayPort 1.2. Hardware can support 4 k resolution output (i.e., each frame of data of 50 MB).

apple last year will be the SSD from SATA interface into a PCI Express, this technology is more advanced. Modern drives can accelerate the SATA interface transmission, especially while reading data from disk this advantage is more obvious. The bandwidth of the SSD can increase the spectacular growth in performance.

these first-generation PCIe drives using two PCI Express bus and the interface standard 2.0, provides a total of about 8 GBPS transmission rate. 11 inches MBA and new Retina MacBook still use two interfaces. 13 “Air increased to 4 interface, theoretically transfer rate can be up to 16 GBPS. Drive transmission rate, the greater the does not represent can enjoy this rate. They only act as transporters.

it is worth noting that these data are based on the 128 gb of storage capacity, 256 gb or more storage capacity will lead to a more perfect performance, because the system will have more flash memory chips to faster data access. Due to apple’s SSD derived from different supplier, computer driven instability may lead to the change of the test results. However, if you upgrade apple Air 2011 or 2011 PCI Express interface, which will greatly improve your computer reading rate.

compared with similar products, 2015 MBA has better battery life. High resolution, high density shows still need a lot of power, but that there are some different compared with the 2014 MBA. We have wi-fi browsing the test results show that the Haswell processors equipped Mac Air in the system is idle time longer battery life. WebGL test results showed that when the system CPU and GPU run continuously, Broadwell system of life will be better. In actual use, we expect those changes won’t appear largely, because of the change and constant offset each other. In general, if the battery is more important than performance, it is better than the performance of the Pro series of Air series.

is a good laptop, but it should have done better

2013 MBA is the highlight of the large increase in battery life, and the 2015 version has no new design can attract people, also did not appear a let a person feel to be able to change the way people use computers.

this is a polite. Had the new promotion storage speed but also because they had done very well. CPU and GPU performance boost still behave correctly and cautiously, change is very small. The length of the battery life depends on the users to use the computer, the battery power is often moving in practical use.

we put forward the most scathing criticism for apple, because in other PC makers are constantly update their laptop to join more new elements, apple has to stay in place. We do not advocate just to change and change. Some of the changes also pretty practical MBA. Such as insert can display power supply for Mac add a second screen. 13 inch display design down to 11 inches size computer. Also used the higher resolution, colour is more accurate display. But apple have to convince people that they, the computer only need better and more clear the screen, then you don’t need anything.

this makes an awkward published this year MBA. It learning Retina MacBook frivolous simple appearance, but in the running speed, port Settings and screen can and Retina MacBook Pro. Although it is still in the issue of apple team (it has Pro incomparable battery life, apple’s data also showed the superiority of its battery life), but its market appeal and popularity is bigger than before. It was once the leading design and screen can save it gradually decline in status.