Reverse thinking! Why menstrual record software IF the target user lock for men?

(text/Wang Saiying)

85% of men have faced such a dilemma: I do not know when women to the big aunt, just don’t know when the storm will come; Don’t know when women are crisis, just don’t know when he’ll be on dad. Although there are many period record software on the market, such as the pomelo and big aunt, but the main target audience are women, and then these complicated interface, the design of the complicated functions, does not conform to the male use habits. While the IF maverick, from the Angle of a male for record.

IF the COO [garbage said in an interview with hunting cloud network, set up the project before, until they run is sold to the boys (mrflo), to the website of the sanitary napkin for sanitary napkin is passed through the form of gift box, the first time girls receive gifts is very surprised and happy, but by the second, third and fourth for the fifth time, this kind of surprise will disappeared, the customer is always a sticky headaches, which he developed an based on data analysis, tailored specifically for men period record software, men through simple operation can know her whole the period, and provides corresponding Suggestions and assistant, help men better care of the women around.

IF the four founders are all boys, respectively responsible for the overall, operations, technology and market. Hunting cloud network understand IF team members have now to 15 people. Before starting the IF, mrflo has won the domestic investment institutions and a number of investment, at the same time, the team also won the first prize in the 9th challenge cup venture competition of zhejiang province, as well as Dai Weikang (IF CEO) personal. 2014 annual star of entrepreneurship.

[garbage says “to start the project’s original intention or due to insufficient understanding of women, especially women in menstrual period more unpredictable, we hope to be able to assume more take good care of the menstrual period women around this burden, and let more people involved, so IF the software is developed. Products do not want as complex as a great beauty pomelo, pure simple software do only belong to men.”

to sum up, IF has the following characteristics: (1) male exclusive: according to used in the male to male design (2) easy to understand: men without task can also understand the basis of the data (3) accurate profession: based on analysis of large data of the national average for all women menstrual conditions (4) : today show that she may appear all sorts of situations today (5) the precise prediction: predict her future development trend of the indicators for seven days (6) close assistant: different advice every day to help men to take care of women.

it is understood that the seeds of the IF the product user at around 2000, prepares for the angel round. Next, IF the plan by adding the function of different plates (such as evaluation, rumours, etc.) to attract users better. In the future, IF could help women buy menstrual products, exchange of experience, such as modules, or the opening of a vertical plate such as men’s fitness.

men take care of the women never open this demand, it’s not difficult to build the industrial chain of such a market is also. The homogeneity product on the market continuously, and IF need to do is really grasped the user demand, from the perspective of male point though is novel, but this is an App for women, in seize the user psychology this is the future need to face the test of a piece.