Return all the financial activities 】 【 CEO Zhang Jinghua P2P chat

20 issue of hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses, we invited to return to the financial, founder and CEO Zhang Jinghua, talk about P2P financial.

palm all the financial recently won the hong kong-listed China pay and domestic famous investment totaling nearly millions of dollars in financing.

palm all the finance was established in March 2014, its mobile P2P credit services platform – lightning borrowing in March. A year, the financial will emerge from many innovative companies, for the development of nearly five hundred thousand registered users, transaction more than 50000 users, the platform trading at more than 500 million, RiGaoFeng orders exceed 1000 list of well-known Chinese mobile Internet financial platform. Platform for the majority of users are young people between 20-35 years old.

guests introduced: Zhang Jinghua, now all the financial founder and CEO of Beijing university guanghua school of management MBA, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics bachelor’s, master’s. At MOTOROLA, samsung headquarters responsible for technology development, and with beihang university alumni co-founded mobile payments company purse treasure. With more than 10 years of international well-known technology companies and financial institutions, risk management, product research and development, and marketing operating experience. Founded in March 2014, Zhang Jinghua palm all the financial.

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this guests: palm all the financial founder and CEO Zhang Jinghua

this topic: palm all the financial CEO Zhang Jinghua P2P chat

time: March 29 (Sunday)

location: Beijing dongcheng district galactic SOHO chaoyang gate street building room 50618, sino-us entrepreneurship center south 6 layer dajie (subway station G)


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