Ren zhengfei, the latest address: huawei how to grasp the transformation of times opportunity?

note: hunting cloud in the era of technological change, giant huawei is facing opportunities and challenges. In corporate strategy regarded meeting recently, ren zhengfei, speeches, proposed the concrete plan on how to grasp the transformation of times opportunity the swimmer. The following for the full text:

our company like running champion, finally ran to the edge of the world online. Large rivers, the sea waves, the torrent of information coming up, we have the chance to skip over the waves, have the courage to fight the world. But if we still extensive management of the company, see the opportunity, can’t only; If we can’t do hero times out, not hammering on the battlefield, can’t listen to criticism, how to do industry leading? So we must seize this opportunity may lessen the force in the transformation of big time!

in March to high-end market in the process, don’t ignore the low-end market

we are competing for the high-end market at the same time, must not have lost the low-end market. Now, we are “needlepoint” strategy, focusing on fully forward, I’m worried about, in the “head”, “bottom” also exposed. If let others dominate the market, low-end products could cultivate the potential competitors, high-end market in the future will also be affected. Huawei is energy, gathered from low-end to enter high-end, what others can’t repeat our way?

low-end products to achieve standardization, simplification, and lifetime maintenance free. we do not lower the price, low quality of the road, that will destroy the power of our strategic offensive. On the technology and service model, to do others can’t compete with us, is the large-scale streamline. the customer want to add functionality, go buy high-end products. This is the theory of mikania micrantha, and now we also have this condition. (xu straight army: deal with the Chinese mobile phone market, be sure to distinguish the brand. Lift in the high-end product price, brand building, you can earn money; Low-end products is high quality, standardization, low price, easy life does not go bad, the software upgrade.)

in the face of the traffic management style of the era of large flow rate changes, the stability of the future network of brand influence is very big, we want to establish the quality system architecture. In the past our quality system focused on the product, engineering, quality system in the future from the culture, philosophy… Various ways, so we need to set up in China, Germany, Japan quality system’s ability to center.

is focused on the main channel, give priority to with continuity of innovation, to allow a small number of power boundaries to disruptive innovations

the Internet always say disruptive innovation, we must adhere to create value for the world, for the value innovation. We are focus on social needs in the next five to ten years is given priority to, most people don’t focus too far. Most of our products or attaches great importance to the continuity of innovation, the road firmly; While allowing a small number of new forces to disruptive innovations, exploratory “nonsense”, think how subversion can, but must have the border. This kind of disruptive innovation is open, continuity innovation to continuously absorb energy, until the disruptive innovation grow into big trees in the future, also can reverse to absorb continuity of innovative energy.

the company like the Yangtze river water to focus on the main channel, a great power. Regardless of the product size should be related to the main channel, the newborn seedlings will also focus on the main channel. Don’t diverge from the main channel, otherwise the company will be divided into two management platform.

why big companies work very difficult? We used a project decision, go through examination and approval of more than four hundred and seventy people, too slow, internal to allow everyone has a path. And the main channel for examination and approval of more than four hundred and seventy people is too many, for the most part should be cut off. (Ding Yun: main process should adhere to the principle of concise and efficient, not more than five points of examination and approval in principle.)

adjustment pattern, high quality resources to quality customer

we want to adjust the pattern, quality to high quality customer resources, can be in a few countries, a small amount of customers begin to take this step, so we will bind one or two strong, build capacity.

in this era of hero times out, must dare to lead the world, but after edge, not everywhere with his enemy, will cooperate with other people. Someone asked me, “what is your business?” , I said, “we don’t have the picture, is to serve the customers.” Lessons over the years is also very deep, not all operators are able to survive, some operators dragging our money don’t also, instead of this, it is better to bring you higher wages.

in addition, I am not advocating too closely the product line and area, combined with the result of too close, is to satisfy the needs of the low-end customers. Because area reflects up is not the future demand, but in front of a small demand, will contain the company’s strategic direction.

human resources to make “all the land under the hero evening mist”

huawei has already formed the coagulation mechanism of one hundred and fifty thousand people, but condense too tight, not active, you need to dissipation, form a new vitality.

the first, the purpose of the reform is to combat. Sweden’s vasa battleship “, this decoration, sculpture, in order to look good also affixed with a layer, as a result the sea breeze blows sunk. The purpose of ships should be operational.

we are tapping into the Moscow ring, it’s no use only on material incentives, lack of strategic vision. So I always called on everyone to see “Normandy”. Huawei is not a lack of “huang jiguang” such a hero, but lack of strategists and thinker, everyone is not willing to “looking at the starry sky”, all want to have real power. Too specific, check system and before we let produce big wisdom no status in huawei. Why are these seed out was not successful? Because of lack of big platform, there is no soil and crops do not come out.

second, when we stretch the top of the pyramid of human resources, to see the new forces of endogenous, introduce foreign “bees”, also want to within. is not a hope to internal personnel, insiders efforts is not enough. Huawei company always do things like step by step, we are in the process of strategic decision, must be good at change, the future don’t grasp at the hands of qualified people, we need to admit that young people may have in the future, don’t always think that guys can’t be general.

we found that the prospect of a good at learning, dare to give them chance to “as” the war, the undead is general, hero is dead. This let everybody to restore confidence.

the third, the human resources pyramid base to alienation, change the quick time. I think age gave us up to two years time, if you don’t come over human resource policy adjustment, will face a lot of brain drain.

human resources in the reform over the past two years, great progress. In addition to reform sector this year, no reform to the department in March. At times of change turning opportunity, to make human resource model, change the quick time. This time I want to be in the cadre conference speaking, a man in the best role, best contribution, best contribution period, to give him the most reasonable compensation. can’t like me, to 7, eighty, nothing much, why not give me when I rushed as well eat a noodles! different roles have different times, different professionals have different times, different periods have different roles of different professionals. Why not make the best contribution in washed up “as” incentives, have to wait for his old to? Can’t give level, give bonuses. We want to see the growth of new things, see the existence of the best.

4, a hero is known in the time of misfortune, big time will produce great hero. We must let the company 50% ~ 60% of the people is the good, and then in the seeds of good choose better seedling; Centrists 20% ~ 30%. Let the good squeeze a little junior, so that they may also have changed. For hero or chide also to accept disadvantages of beauty. I was in the wenchuan earthquake relief file instructions “as long as the wenchuan earthquake relief line, urine trousers is a hero.” A total of 427, was sent to the gold medal. Have a little achievement is a hero, the future is hammering on the battlefield.

compensation package system is to be put behind the people out, “reduced people, increase production, get a raise. Adjusted the base salary structure in this year, next year for senior cadres, senior experts of the compensation reform. Great realistic problems in the data traffic will be facing the era, two years later, will charge to begin, we have a team of widely spread-and deeply felt, the us victory!