Remote Internships, designed for the couple to provide Remote internship services platform

a well-known company internship opportunities always sought after, but compared with the startup of remote internship, which would you choose? The latter seems to be a kind of hope, is now possible. Raised the Grid (a company that serves the startup founder Chris Osbourne, recently announced his retirement from the Remote Internships platform, provide to the other interns from all over the world are 1 to 3 months of Remote Internships.

the platform is kill two birds with one stone. First of all, under the trend of increasingly mainstream telecommuting, both candidates to remote startup, or entrepreneurship, distributed teams are one of the office (internship) reference model.

in addition, the emergence of the platform to make startups breakthrough the limitation of geographic location, talents. Osbourne said: “this platform makes many start-ups launched fierce talent competition.” In addition to creating raised the Grid, he is also responsible for overseeing the company a distributed team.

surprise, 37 signals and Buffer, outstanding entrepreneurial company has been actively looking for telecommuting. Osbourne inspired, to establish a communication platform of startups and interns. He believes that the value of such an internship program that budding particularly need to enterprise.

“if you don’t have ideas, go to startup experience, knowledge learned will accompany your life, business in the future will also be useful.”

not surprisingly, Osbourne also favour telecommuting. He raised the Grid work experience led him to understand that the freedom to choose office locations to make employees happy, work efficient.

in the past two weeks, Osbourne at a coffee shop in the Thailand and Laos border office.

he said: “in recent years, telecommuting to overwhelming trend rise. Our platform convenient for cooperation with other interns, interns from not only to work hard and some colleagues to ask, also won the more abundant family (or individual) time.”

it is true that telecommuting is attractive. Away from the office but accordingly, interns, lack of contact with colleagues in internship phase will inevitably lose some workplace social experience, such as the interim meeting or talking with colleagues and boss skills.

however, Osbourne still insist on remote internship not do more harm than good. He said: “in the business of the company’s core practitioner can really enjoy the exercise opportunity. But the reality is that millions of professionals in the center of the enterprise outside of thyme, these opportunities can be said to be far away.”

he also assumes that way: “perhaps, India’s math genius hope in a company specializing in the application of entrepreneurial career ambitions, but need to take care of the family. Or a world-class layout designer is a single mother, so she can’t satisfy the most entrepreneurial company “nine to five” requirements.”

Remote Internships will be made by a Osbourne (via Remote Internships), a practice team operation, mainly be responsible for the content of marketing, product development and sales. Osbourne believes the team will demonstrate many of the potential value of the remote internship.

Remote Internships announcement lists internship, updated once every two weeks. Osbourne revealed for the first time announcement lists of not less than seven paid internship. Announcement after the background system must be established, to help startups to arrange job seekers.

Source: TC