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with joy as super phone conference, held in this month’s science and technology media circle appeared a lot of collective ridicule, many science and technology media, the media for the boss the “multidimensional beyond apple hit a top 10 global first, keep the cell phone into the ecological era” super phone conference opened poking fun at all. And technology media collective carnival, a variety of fun, investigate its reason, nature or le apparent early in order to attract the public attention to its super phone and “release” without borders “and the next generation of mobile Internet is no longer needed dictators — a letter” a letter to apple, produce a series of “design suffocation, ecological industry and subversive” illusion, but no one actually “this overexert marketing behavior of a declaration of war.

when I saw the science and technology media furore centrally for le see, I thought that the consumer will be with pseudo ecological told the full story of music depending on the cell phone away, ha ha a smile. But the reality is surprised me: Letv official presented “Letv super cell phone list of topics on the day the first 24 hours, the project edition of 1 booking quantity more than 200000, 490000 people, 8 seconds to rob empty code record, only 200 units 1 SEC 1 engineering edition sold out all the” data; In my circle of friends also appeared such as: “after watching Letv super conference, the legend of apple has been in my heart broken, dear friends still infatuated with apple, wake up! Homebred Letv super phone is on the rise “, “from the beginning when using le networks, will know that he is good, now apple has not legend, top Letv super phone” this state of “water army feeling extremely” speech.

of course, when I see friends these speeches, I was very surprised, don’t first reaction is to my friends made le regard water army? So I also go to prove their speech is “sincere praise or irony or in delight as marketing”. And their answer is roughly “we really bullish Letv mobile phones, although there is a deficiency, but look at your mobile phone the configuration of the cow force, the same price compared to other mobile phone has transcended the many, the phone I will buy”.

media ridicule pomp, Letv data and opinions within the circle of friends, let me to consider the following a few things.

a, domestic why the use of exaggeration, low marketing them for this?

domestic marketing was not with the power of the development of the domestic smartphone over the years and progress. A phone attract people pay tribute to all the train, in order to promote mobile phone and false facts, in order to promote ecological, perfection, in contrast to hold a post subversion negative case still emerge in endlessly; And parameter thing still is the most willing to take domestic, domestic manufacturers of is a dual-core processor, four or eight nuclei; The screen is 720 p, 1080 p or 2 k; SLR cameras is seconds, taps the moon or the universe; Material is plastic, austenitic or aviation aluminum alloy; Process is 100 RPM, 200 RPM, or how much; Narrow bezel exactly make screen accounted for 70%, 80% reach without borders be contrast to muster all his strength. As long as they win you, I am the first PPT body count of solution is established of domestic mobile phone industry. Every conference, easing the bit in not one or two product, the less not qualified.

says these marketing is very low, I think I should not many people would disagree. But that marketing is extremely strong vitality in the domestic. Although it all for us these insiders, to the person already has the function of immune, saw it all, ha ha laugh it off, only in the heart had seen. But for ordinary consumers from the outer circle? Manufacturers of the low marketing, hidden is the assurance of pair of ordinary consumers habitual mental. In the psychological sense, consumers are more likely to remember negative events, also more willing to use intuitive figures compare to reduce processing costs. So when the manufacturer people saying the seemingly is very low, let out the most intuitive digital roller compaction. Signal to pass it to the average consumer is “my product is powerful, on which the process in both parameters and is better than apple, its various aspects are at the top, and the price is cheaper, you buy it, I have noodles son” a word.

from this perspective, the visual marketing is undoubtedly very successful, it successfully entered the ordinary consumers view, and lists up to ten full beyond for apple, success in front of consumers set up the image of high quality and low price.

2, to my friends that the vast majority of the average Chinese consumers, what they need?

tell the above a few words very softness and army friends, or they just out of school with a low salary, or relying on their own hard work to feed their families, they are not in China, the high class; Actually, so to speak, they represent the real China most of the consumers. Although they also know that there are mostly iOS (they become apple system), the android and WP system; Also know that there are apple, nokia, samsung, huawei, millet, meizu these brands. But they won’t go to research the reason behind the apple than android and fluent, more won’t go to the story behind the study of these mobile phone brands. They don’t pay attention to the product of honor is the innovation or imitation goods, can’t even pay attention to the industry trend. When they buy mobile phones, the preferred natural really isn’t a flagship model of the four oceans. The flagship model, for them, perhaps their two months ‘salary, perhaps their children a semester, the cost of living to a mobile phone spending such a “sum” is clearly not rational. They need at this stage is just a he can afford, and can satisfy their play a game, watching a video, chat a QQ send a circle of friends can also take a brand of a mobile phone, their first compare the upgrade is cost-effective.

and Letv phone again to domestic price advantage to an extreme. Letv lowest end le 1, for example, the 5.5 -inch 1080 p resolution screens, narrow border of the 1.2 mm; Mediatek’s latest Helio X10 processor, the operation of the 3 gb of memory; 5000000 megapixel front-facing camera, and 5 million pixels of the rear camera, and configuration of the optical image stabilization; But also use the USB Type – C interface, support for mobile, unicom, double 4 g; But costs a mere $1499 and still support member subscription package fee reductions have finalize the design flow. It constructed the music as the mobile phone on the materials and configuration is not lost in the person’s real existence (although the appearance of jia boss mouth level I’m afraid I have in the world’s top three).

this phone to meet the needs of the consumers, to configure the view is swim blade enough to spare. And high performance price is to promote consumers to buy buy buy. And this also explains why we have been attacked all those “no innovation, copy imitate, story, using PPT body count solution won ‘manufacturers around the world has always been of consumer recognition, for they bring a wave after wave of doubt sales myths.

3, criticism viewpoint problems

the science and technology media to see all, almost one-sided criticism and ridicule, is aimed at le apparent marketing campaign to shout out “upset the apple closed mode, build open loop le regard ecological”, actually is a mouthful of train running brilliance. Such criticism, to respond to consumer interests most directly these three Letv super phone buried in this piece of ridicule, in a sense can say Letv super phone did not get fair treatment industry.

although we focus on criticism of Letv so-called ecological and not wrong, but we understand more. Le shout slogans, painted this piece of pie, it is not intended to show consumers. More is for investors to depict the future picture scroll. And for ordinary consumers, the present these so-called ecological is also irrelevant. And we are critical for consumers is still very far away. This reminds us that when criticism “what should focus more on the future of the so-called” ecological big picture “or the present is the most direct influence on consumers on the quality of the product itself. We need to get a balance in both the. Processing of similar incidents in the future, should be treated respectively, to bad marketing, we should stick to criticize, but for better products for consumers, we should be more practical, to say the quality of the products get more consumers to buy a right product.

4, brand camp discrimination

brand camp discrimination, is actually the already existing problems. A, b, c, d, two visit fortune-teller disgusted. Used by their own likes and dislikes of the brand to infer that the consumer brands of the users of the brand to a bamboo pole killed; For some brands use disadvantaged or controversial brand of consumer, often is silly force, brain-dead additive common words insult or conduct. In order to reveal its selection error or IQ anxious to foil a its own on the tall, get a small sense of superiority.

I want to say to this, or mobile phone brands have high school low-end, but for people who use the phone, we should not to judge his features, more not to users of other brand or personality insult. Respect other people’s choice, should say is each person’s basic quality. Deviate from this, even if you are in the world the best of things, can foil a your high-end image.


see super phone released, it was early in my opinion really a tease than conference, trough point, full to attract the media’s collective, before I also wrote two consecutive article to criticize le. Letv the conference not pleasing to the media, seems to be very failure, but when I saw Letv data within the circle of friends with me after some friends’ opinions, found Letv has been successful. This I began to let me think about the above these problems, to rethink the domestic manufacturers use these seemingly adventurous approach to marketing and upgrade an ordinary consumer demand; Review I have been criticized ‘no innovation, copy imitate, story, using PPT body count solution won the’ domestic mobile phone industry in the world. And after this self reflection, found for consumers, le see super phone is also a good choice. “And I have been very don’t understand that why we have criticized the makers are always recognised by consumers, for they bring a wave phenomenon” sales of myths got more reasonable explanation.

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