Refined love: social play games, make friends chat up more interesting

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at present, the social application of extreme flood, social play homogeneity is very serious, at the same time in a stranger social applications, the user dating chat up the corresponding probability is not high, some people are way too “barbaric” directly, when tens of thousands of “hello” sink, accosted the growing frustration of the user will have to consider how to promote dating chat up the success rate and interesting, but a stranger called “refined love” social application answers: the application of social gaming.

hunting cloud network understanding, love from guangzhou smelting smelting network technology co., LTD., in July 2013, launched a interesting mobile social App. Through love, based on the geographical position the user can easily know the people around; Playing at the first sight to find of the person you like, And users from master and mora, marriage games; Real-time location, voice, image, expression chat messages; And the refined voice speaks say, find someone understand you.

now company team size 40 people, founder and core team from netease, tencent and other well-known Internet companies. Team head hunting cloud network interview said that compared to other social software in the interaction of frustration, refined love thinking of social games can always bring users expect. Such as elaborate mentoring system to help users quickly find beauty, handsome teacher, open a different way to love.

in fact, love can be simple to understand for a virtual online marriage mobile social applications. Users can be formed between husband and wife, mentoring, and sisters, such as virtual relationship, through chat, virtual gifts, do tasks, such as play mora way to interact. Each user has a charm value and wealth two sets of achievement, charm comes from other people’s attention and gifts, and wealth is mainly by prepaid phone users. Gradually along with the growth of the charm or wealth, users can get all kinds of privileges, such as a title for showing off, or get married with someone.

in chat square, on a radio, a refined love said, point a praise, a small gift such as free and optional interactive, users can quickly and easily familiar with the whole environment of love, to find like-minded companions. In mora system, love could be fast matching stranger, introducing the participation subject, let the first chat no longer awkward. Strong randomicity of the play, a variety of combination way, under the meticulous planning of step-by-step, easily cope with the challenge of coming to a stranger, no matter winning or losing, the results of can let you feel the fun of process.

in addition, fake figure gives priority to with a face of flying on the social App, refined love has real image authentication, after strict screening system, allow the user to save a lot of trouble to appraise, more rapid accurate wants to find the other half.

team leader to hunt cloud network, according to the current refined love more than 4 million registered users, active users stay longer than 30 minutes. Homogeneity in the social application of cases, refined love product viscosity is through the relationship between user chain, new users are more users know, master and more willing to take the couple, this interactive options allow the user to quickly familiar with the environment, and the love of the first batch of users from all kinds of smelting application market and weibo. Refined love road capital in November 2013 millions of angel investment, is now A round stage.

overall, social play game is the biggest characteristic, refined love App with delicate niche topic let users understand the basis of dating, make up a conversation not abrupt. Refined love product line of response rates over 80%, with its own unique user label, such as the boy level of wealth, girl’s charm level, to form the user community relationship chain, such as mentoring relationship, marriage, etc. However refined love perfect cost level and user growth system, the limitation on the product user development play a role, the density of population distribution range is small. Team leader convective cloud network, said products in constant iteration, the next phase will enrich the community play, possible subsequent users in refined love after getting married, you can also go to born baby, and experience more things in life have to undergo; As for the future business model will also have more try, such as games, brand advertising and virtual gold value-added services, etc.