Refactoring electricity supply chain, fresh looking fresh daily optimal electricity 2.0 business opportunities

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recently, fresh O2O platform “optimal fresh daily” officially completed nearly $5 million in angel financing, the investor for light capital letter. In addition, how to achieve rapid growth in 100 days, month sales nearly millions and fresh O2O future development is also focused on.

hunting cloud network has to daily fresh two founders with Ceng Bin xu, both in lenovo group for many years, was once a lenovo tens of billions of laptop and tablet business operations. Cross-border agriculture, 2012 executives as well, and many current O2O one hot rod, daily fresh team owns the industry one of the few crossover experience in the IT industry and agriculture.

one-stop high-quality fresh shopping portal

best fresh daily is a focus on high quality fresh of mobile electronic business, officially launched on January 1, 2015, has so far has more than 100 suppliers worldwide, provide service for the national more than 100 cities, hundreds of thousands of users.

founder Xu Zheng 2012 executives cross-border agricultural as well, personally involved in planting and harvest, found in the process of operation and management of the supply and demand two prosperous, circulation of pain points are in urgent need of solution, a lot of high quality agricultural products for offline monopoly due value, but can not sell out and the proportions of the electricity and modernization of the whole circulation chain are low, there is a lot of can promote transformation of space. So fresh daily optimal positioning at the connection of excellent producers and consumers, remove the unreasonable division of labor, improve efficiency, and links in the process of reconstructing industrial chain.

as the high quality fresh shopping portal, daily optimal fresh are currently facing the whole country the user’s “daily optimal fresh”, in view of the key cities for the user’s “daily optimal fresh club”, and “for college students daily optimal fresh campus hui” three types.

the fresh products from three aspects; Type is a brand suppliers, such as good water, good organization, etc.; The second is the supplier of origin; The third part is a small amount of XiaoDe suppliers. For the supplier of choice, the daily fresh globally optimal use advisory procurement, its professional buyers than even producers know more about their products.

when talking about how to ensure product safety, Ceng Bin tell hunting cloud network, due to the daily optimal fresh for product quality control is very strict, only less than 10% of the product on the market to meet the requirements, but if not conform to the requirements of the commodity, platform would rather choose the shelves.

repeat purchase rate is the essence of fresh electricity quality

Internet rise for many years, but Internet + agricultural progress slowly, in addition to known as the particularity of agricultural products, logistics distribution problem is also very important.

in terms of logistics, fresh using end-to-end 100% daily optimal motion cold, Xu Zheng argues that the socialization of logistics mode of overall speed faster, lighter, service quality is higher. But I also think, self-built logistics and self-built warehouse is fresh electricity can consider aspects.

in Ceng Bin point of view, the stand or fall of fresh business essence is the user’s repeat purchase rate, a purchase of electricity is of little value, so the daily optimal fresh emphasizes the customer experience, word of mouth and repeat purchase rate. “After our purchase rate is above 70%, and could be even higher.” Ceng Bin also told the author here for a little story: imported milk’s shelf life is limited, and in the process of transportation delay time to hand the shelf life of your customers actually is not a long time, so the daily fresh milk is sold by the rise of optimal, rather than selling now according to the case of electricity, and even from the perspective of customers fresh suggest customers to buy according to the actual demand, don’t buy more stock.

time has come for a fresh 2.0

Xu Zheng think now emphasizes mobile operation, socialization of logistics, the time has come for a professional purchasing raw 2.0, fresh more than 100 days of daily optimal operation also let two founders saw the establishment of the model. “High quality fresh in the mobile terminal to buy no impediment, we four consecutive months sales rose one hundred percent or more”, Xu Zheng are full of confidence.

a lot of people want to know the daily fresh ten days to get the optimal the angel nearly $5 million in financing, what is told investors a story? , said xu regular user identity is far more important than investors agree with more, “we don’t have any story, even haven’t had time to do PPT, investors believe that our team experience and ability, can really build a well connected high quality fresh suppliers and consumers of mobile platforms.”

on the market at present there have been fresh direct, easy fruit fresh, the optimal motion, originally life fresh platform, such as fresh O2O business environment has improved generally, user education also has formed. There is no doubt that “Internet +” with patterns of agricultural integration will bring agriculture huge change, however, mode of exploration, such as food security, logistics links are must solve the problem.