[recruitment] to happy to play together (gan) play (shi)

cloud network hunting is a focus on TMT entrepreneurial innovation in the field of new media technology, we are paying attention to new products, new company, new model at the same time, the report include investment and financing for start-ups and docking, entrepreneurial public class, product family salons and other public welfare activities, and provide the incubator and a series of startups back-end services.

here, don’t care about the professional background, don’t care how much experience, don’t care about age, care about’s ability to learn new things, care about is solve the difficulty of users and innovation ability, care about is the persistent spirit of interest below.

here, don’t lack most is personal diligence and display space of personal talent. Hunting clouds the future of you has for a long time into the courage and determination.

hunting cloud network headquarters in Beijing, has set up a substation in chengdu, hangzhou, as more and more entrepreneurs to provide a better service. Within the next few months, also can be in xiamen, shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities set up a substation. If you join us and have the opportunity to get jobs in above cities.

we provide jobs include:

science and technology, the author (5 6 15, Beijing, hangzhou, chengdu four)

low media experience, understand the Internet, mobile Internet, closely track dynamic and trends of science and technology products at home and abroad.

the low English level is preferred, it is best to see understand

low breakthrough ability, good writing is preferred interview

low intelligent hardware author


edit (six 20, 8 in Beijing, hangzhou, chengdu 6)

interviews with entrepreneurs, chat, writing articles, monitor and analyze characteristics and trend of development of the product

upright character, love of learning, initiative, good at communication, adaptable, have team work spirit

low news, Chinese professional priority

Electric editing

(four, eight, Beijing hangzhou 2, chengdu 2)

low English level 6 and above (score over 550 points)

“love the Internet industry, observation or thinkers have certain industry priority

low translation experience, news editorial experience

low bears hardships and stands hard work, earnestly

Management trainee

(2 four eight, Beijing, hangzhou, chengdu, 2)

bears hardships and stands hard work, earnestly, has the sense of responsibility

low college business experience is preferred

to accept on a business trip, and even different workers first

low have strong communication skills, ability to execute and business development ability

to accept job rotation, first start from the practice edit/science and technology the author

note: this post training output direction as managing editor, business development, operations management positions, and even local station.

activity commissioner (2, Beijing)

job description

low according to the demand is responsible for the activities planning, the project plan, document writing;

low able to skillfully use all kinds of office software and design software;

low is responsible for the activities of the implementation, promote offline activities; Responsible for and activity platform establish cooperation and maintain cooperative relations;

low is responsible for the activities of the scene (material preparation, host, arranging the site), refined activity execution process, process, follow up and assist.

low follow up activities after the customer feedback, arranging the details of the activity of the archive.


low bachelor or above degree, major in advertising, media, journalism or related is preferred (accept students and seniors)

have experience in Internet business activity, or service Internet companies preferred

with good language and written expression ability, has the good writing and image processing ability, able to write enterprise culture activities planning;

strong independent working ability, logical thinking ability, strong communication ability and executive force and the sense of responsibility

low skilled use of new media marketing, possess innovative thinking;

after 90, girl, have a bright and cheerful disposition, outgoing, strong communication and coordination ability;

low skilled use of Office software, Photoshop, video shooting \ editing ability is preferred;

have objective students according to their own planning, please deliver resume, indicating the job position and contact information.

Beijing headquarters, head of the recruitment email: 329370357 @qq.com, yaohongxi@lieyunwang.com (suggest both email)

hangzhou branch director of recruiting at email: weiyansen@lieyunwang.com

chengdu branch director of recruiting at email: sunce@lieyunwang.com

activity recruiting director mailbox: lixiaomiao@lieyunwang.com; Or adding micro letter: LIXIAOMIAO0327.

hunting cloud pull hook recruitment information: