Reassuring the flourishing: provide personal security of network information service, set up the angel investment millions RMB


compared with global information security market, China’s information security industry is in rapid growth, from network security implementation phase of the layout to the safety of the network operation maintenance, security requirements are to a higher level and wider extension, the security products market demand continued to expand. In peace the prosperous team, they told hunting cloud network, a user in the use of peace after the flourishing development of peace APP, found a factory that left his cell phone number as the contact information, in addition also search by article 8 of the information security hidden danger . Huazhong university of science and technology, according to a survey 92.0% of the students had received spam messages or harassing phone calls, 68.5% of the students encountered a liar text messages or phone calls. Visible, the advent of the era of big data, opportunity and risk. How to protect personal network information security, peace worldwide.

peace of the core product of mind APP services mainly in the personal information security, at present there are three main function areas:

1. personal information security service, by the mainstream in the billions of public data network platform testing (such as mobile number, E-mail, etc.) to tell the user, his personal information on the Internet is a what kind of path, whether already exists with the risks of hidden information. To those people deeply puzzled by all kinds of harassing phone calls and spam find leak source.

2. social network information security, now a lot of people, like various kinds of information in their social platform (geographic location, credit card, id card, passport, etc.), it is likely to provide criminals with a malicious towards his signs, such as Internet fraud, peace so a social network information security services, to alert users to release the content of which is likely to bring personal information leakage risk and take preventive measures.


security tips online , peace inside the App will have real case analysis, to alert users to nip in the bud, in the personal information security to protect the good consciousness and habit.

the reassuring products only for mobile terminal, the data from various TOP1000 website (similar to station retrieval) and search engine cache results, although at present only provides the detection function, but will add warning function (peace), technology has passed the test, the conference line soon . Ease of users at the seed stage, there have been tens of thousands of, is still in steady growth. mind tell hunting cloud network team, the future will continue to do the personal information security services, in addition to plain text, still can recognize images, voice, etc. Business models in the planning, may provide more personalized services, such as personal digital security adviser .

reassuring the swan was founded in September 2014 in hangzhou, zhejiang province, co-founder of the original alibaba technology, risk control, operations, human resources jobs such as colleagues, 91 wireless early employees, mushroom street colleagues, established the angels won millions RMB. Company founding team, rich Internet experience, main sponsors Deng Jiawang was born in 91, dropping out of school at a very early age, open a private detective agency, because good at to later to alibaba the personnel, help the company. Team size in more than a dozen people, including technical team accounted for more than 80%, total holdings.