“Raspberry” long holiday in high-end hotels, selection of personalized travel reservation service

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

tree blackberry is a luscious taste is a subclass of fruit, in ancient times because of the production and distribution of regional narrow, often as a nobleman’s precious snacks and diplomatic gifts between countries. “Raspberry of hits” is not selling raspberries, it is a high-end boutique hotel holiday tour booking platforms. Raspberry select team hopes to fruit tree blackberry with small and exquisite, beautiful and special features into their service, so choose this two word to name the product.

about the purpose of the establishment of raspberry selected, wang ying said that comes from your experiences in foreign travel booking. “During my studying in the UK, often use holiday travel, began to come into contact with like Mr & amp; Mrs Smith such luxury hotel guides, and online booking website, through it can easily to find the right hotel. Was later found in foreign countries, there are quite a few do this boutique, niche service website, according to the requirements of the customer’s different style, be fond of and do a personalized hotel is recommended. But at home, taking the line platform actually not much.” So she had the idea of entrepreneurship, hope to do a for Chinese consumers to provide high-quality goods, resort and tourism products outside the territory of the people’s platform.

from London’s central saint martins college of art and design after graduation, Wang Yingceng worked in London and a digital design studio, return to Shanghai after, made her famous design company in Germany im2.0 Frog and local advertising company. Early in 2014 founded the raspberries featured product team, the team a total of eight people, website is expected to launch in May.

according to iresearch statistical prediction, in 2015 China’s online travel booking market scale will reach 363 billion yuan. Some tourists increasingly valued XiangShouXing services such as tourist accommodation environment, folk customs experience, not just content to flow operation type, tour type of travel. Tree blackberry is selected for this category gradually understand the “travel” in the high-end consumers, to provide “exquisite, unique and custom” as the core of personalized recommendation hotel.

the above keywords specific from what respect to embody?

raspberries think “hotel as the destination”, this is it with ctrip, elong booking platforms such as giants, the significant difference between the value of online booking hotel wide mergence and convenience for passengers, and raspberry signing hotel more focus on provide the bump of da holiday experience for visitors, it through the raspberries are separated, “Michelin” standard for the user to consider, raspberry “sleep” experience and professional hotel evaluation division team to implement. About signing resort selected, raspberries, head of the selected said they were not just to star as the only measure of selected hotel, in addition to the basic hardware facilities to meet, they also consider whether the hotel provide touches the heart of the service and rich flavor landscape, “for example, north Africa, Morocco, boutique hotel will arrange local nomads to guests do the wizard, ride a camel in the Sahara desert along with outdoor movie.”

it is reported that this year raspberries featured with magnificent hotel group (Rosewood Hotels and Resorts), Japan star resort wild group (Hoshino Resorts), Qingdao Lalu (The Lalu) at home and abroad, such as holiday hotel reached a cooperation agreement. Products founder, said the team has now got the angel rounds of investment and amount of millions of dollars. After launch, ready to do A round of financing.”