Rappers: original HipHop music lovers staging area

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

rappers is a specializing rap music App, brought together many hip-hop enthusiasts. The user can choose in the above original accompaniment, recording of their own creation rap music works, to share, can also be found and appreciating the work of other singers.

rappers App from guangzhou Rap music industry is quite developed, team members also are immersed in HipHop circles for many years. Is one of the founders of Lai Biao a Rap fan, the other is a founder ChillGun (guangdong famous music label) of music producer and rapper yellow lotus Vyan. In the process of communicate with many rap fans play, they found that a lot of young Rapper confined to the family economic conditions, often stop at the HipHop music hobby “burn money” threshold.

“and so we think whether you need to do something, to help all the HipHop music lovers, to realize their music dream.” The original two team leader began to ponder and set about this idea – for rap to build a platform for display their App. In December 2014, they recruited a few friend, set up in guangzhou guangzhou read spectrum information technology co., LTD. Lord of Rap Rap APP stores in the middle of April officially on apple appstore, they formally took the first step to make my dream come true.

“- hip hop this popular culture includes Rap music, dance, graffiti and clothing fashion elements, such as producing, DJ club in New York City in the 1970 s, today, the word is widely considered to be synonymous with Rap music. Hobbies and Rap music industry more and more young people of China, Chinese Rap music also presents the distinctive features of regional dialect.

the biggest characteristic of the Rap is through the first perception, use language to express their own thoughts and feelings; It includes an impromptu. The real spirit is original. The word “original” is the most important reason for the team to do rappers App, and it compared to other domestic music recording software is an advantage.

“now in the market a lot of music products are almost all share platform or recording social platform, and in the recording this piece, the majority of users are just focused on record well, sing right, seldom go to care about content. But a lot of Rap fans are not content to someone else’s song, will at least write a word, but few would do accompaniment and production (recording, later). If you have enough Beats good enough, the Hip Hop community atmosphere, do to this group of fans, rappers music products are more attractive than others.” Rappers team convective cloud network.

about products and the company’s positioning, rappers team have been emphasized, “screamed products to make the target customers, the company remained contracted, exquisite!” In the future, they hope to build the platform to lead, to let more domestic and international rappers and HipHop music producer to join, “also makes active in underground musicians don’t don’t need to worry about living, can produce more high quality music, the HipHop culture onto the public stage of domestic.”