Quick launch a lift service express “1”, no charge platform

after yesterday announced the upcoming “number one school bus”, fast today’s car number one foreign announced a lift “number one express service, the service is aimed at users with travel demand but not car.

compared with car number one, number one express the biggest difference lies in the emphasis on public welfare characteristics, all passengers paid, shall be owned by the owners, the software platform will not charge any fee.

at present, the “number one express” put in the car number one APP. On the way, that a lift, such as organizers transport service and a number and no obvious difference. Occupants can choose in one car APP “number one express release information a lift, or in the car” now “choose” number one express models for the same operation, with links to willing to share their vehicles and passenger travel, both sides share the corresponding transport costs.

it is understood that the number one express is a lift in the service of the closed recently, is currently in Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu, hangzhou, wuhan, tianjin and other seven cities, then gradually in many domestic cities synchronization.

“Shared economy” popular, more and more companies began to dabble in a lift services, in addition to tick carpooling, AA carpooling startups, such as product, drops quickly was horizontal development in the field of service. This is also the product of urban capacity shortage at present, the biggest advantage of can with the help of social idle vehicles and capacity, alleviate the shortage of urban peak capacity, especially for travel to and from work efficiency and quality will bring change.