Queen Internet trends report in 2015: watch the mobile advertising, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) prospects

note: hunting cloud tech blogs in the United States Recode on Wednesday at a conference on “Code”, “Internet” queen Mary John mikel obi (Mary Meeker) released the Internet Trends in 2015 newspaper Internet Trends (2015) report that contains her complete analysis of development Trends on the Internet, from mobile devices used to use Internet and so on various aspects. The following general netease, tencent’s translation of science and technology content of science and technology:

according to netease science and technology, Mary meeker pointed out that the growth of the Internet and mobile phone users is slowing, which could affect the future of the Internet start-ups. In addition, the report also highlighted the mikel’s venture capital firm kleiner perkins (kleiner perkins caufield & byers) approved several in growth areas, including business based on mobile advertising, unmanned aircraft manufacturers, on-demand customized economy and the development of India as a market potential.

report slides mentioned in the first Internet trend of the “key”, is the growth of the Internet users “stable, but in the slowdown”. John obi mikel, points out that the global Internet users increased by 8%, to 2.8 billion, and 2013, an increase of 10%, 11% in 2012. , according to a report from 2012 to 2012, basic flat net new users, about 200 million a year.

mikel smartphone subscribers growth is defined as “strong, but in slow,” said from 2013 to 2013, 370 million net new subscribers for each year.

related seems to be mentioned on the slide of technology stocks “bubble” problem. Mikel wrote, “there are some Internet company valuation is too high, but there are some undervalued.” John obi mikel’s report also kleiner perkins caufield & byers promote their investment projects a chance – report involves a lot of investment companies, such as the Slack, SoundCloud and Square.

when it comes to potential areas of growth, mikel said the growth of the mobile advertising space is about 25 billion dollars. With a slide show, americans read the media content, 24% used in phones, but the mobile advertising spending accounts for only 8% of the overall AD spending. Mikel’s slide show, India last year added 63 million Internet users, and made it to the third largest market after China and the United States.

she predicted that consumer uavs will create $1.7 billion in revenue this year, thanks in large part to rely on xinjiang unmanned aircraft manufacturers. Big xinjiang is one of the biggest consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) manufacturers, is also a new investment firm kleiner perkins caufield & byers.

John obi mikel also talked about in the slideshow millennials. She noted that in on-demand customized job market, 21 to 33, americans in the proportion is 44%. They work as a Uber driver, on the manual products sales website Etsy selling your own products, or in other positions as temporary employees.

however, although these young people have the ability to adapt to the new job market, but they also have some characteristics are not commendable. Mikel, according to data from the employer that the millennial generation is the degree of narcissism “generation X” (in the 1960 s and 70 s a stranger) four times, and these people more regards money, team cooperation intention is low.

establish relationship for the next 15 in the refining report under the big points:

1. The total number of Internet users rose 8% last year, down from 10% in 2013 and 11% in 2012.

2. The total number of mobile Internet subscribers increased to 7 billion, the intelligent mobile phone subscribers increased to 2.1 billion.

3. New Internet users “probably” is for the first time to get to the Internet via a communication applications.

4. In the United States, 64% of Internet users is the use of intelligent mobile Internet, compared with the proportion was only 18% in 2009.

the queen of the Internet report 2015 15 points

5. The user cost of Internet access in the vertical screen time obtained the exponential growth, to 29% in 2015.

the queen of the Internet report 2015 15 points

6. Teenagers love Snapchat “burn after reading” communication applications, image sharing sets and Facebook social networking platform.

the queen of the Internet report 2015 15 points

7. 87% of teenagers say its smartphone around all night.

the queen of the Internet report 2015 15 points

8. 76% of teens use smartphone’s camera concurrency on social media, 6% are not sure what they might do with cell phone camera to.

the queen of the Internet report 2015 15 points

9. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) of bearing in the exponential growth every year.

10. Until the end of 2014, the total number of ads software grew by 136%, to 410000 applications.

11. 69% of the security vulnerabilities are not discovered by vulnerabilities of its own.

12. Total workforce in the United States, the proportion of the millennial generation has now reached 35%.

the queen of the Internet report 2015 15 points

13. 25% of the migrants “on-demand construction” (for example a taxi service Uber Lyft driver and car service, or on-demand delivery company Postmate couriers, etc.) using one or more platforms.

14. Millet smartphone shipments in China temporarily occupy the leading position on the market, more than the apple.

the queen of the Internet report 2015 15 points

15. In India, 65% of Internet usage from the mobile platform.

the queen of the Internet report 2015 15 points

mikel hundreds of pages of the report, she in kleiner perkins website released a PDF version of the report.