Qualcomm antitrust finalized: waste $1 billion be safe, we are very happy!

(/horse relief yi wen)

from, qualcomm is over China’s antitrust case, qualcomm company was fined $975 million, and asked after 3 g, 4 g core elements are not permitted to be bundled with other patent patent license fee. Qualcomm, moreover, the future will also be oems in China to adopt and authorized rate as partners in other parts of the world.

qualcomm CEO mollen peskov said in a telephone interview: “we are very happy, because we finally won in China the development of a more advantageous position. End of antitrust case, eliminate the uncertainty for the future development of qualcomm in China “.

under the news Monday, qualcomm shares don’t send a rose, shares rose 3.1%, the per share by the market closes, qualcomm shares rose 1.2%.

it is reported that China has become a high income is one of the fastest growing markets. And licensing fees is the centerpiece of qualcomm’s earnings.