Pwn2Own competition where official: Keen Team win, tencent computer butler

on March 18th, the world’s top hackers contest will start Pwn2Own competition where 2015 in vancouver, Canada. According to the organizers has just released the latest sports scores, according to the results of the most outstanding Chinese hackers in the game, Team top Chinese hackers Keen Team continuously break IE run under the environment of Flash and Reader plug-in, and realize the coupled on the event, the first race stewards tencent computer security Team against Internet explorer PDF plug-in (Adobe Reader) and get the project title, and got the highest permission system.

Pwn2Own competition where is the world’s highest specifications hacker competition, by the pentagon intrusion protection system vendor TippingPoint DVLabs sponsorship, pull open the curtain for the first time since 2007, this year it is the ninth. Pwn2Own competition where events mainly includes the six big projects this year, with Chrome and Internet explorer, Safari, Firefox, the four major browsers, and IE PDF and Flash plugin as main target, and the IE, Flash, PDF three projects have increased the difficulty, not only need to run in 64, also opened the EPM model (enhanced protection mode).