Put fish: social platform bumped into a stranger’s activities

(text/Tan Ziling)

skip what is fish?

put fish means skipped the class to entertainment, free like a fish, is based on the stranger stumbles across an active social platform. It is by the system background combined with many merchants cooperation organization planning launch, the user can according to the crowd (parents, the parents), interests (the recreational, athletic, situation, etc.), choice of location, time, activity and participate in, through design different levels of activity, to provide users with different experiences.

“for love social, like challenges, I participated in many group activities, but try N kinds of social software platform and activities, and found many unreliable and content single, which is derived by ourselves to build a crowd and are interested in activities, party, dating to provide creative activities social platform”, put the fish founder li and tell hunting cloud network.

skip fish founder lee and foreign companies engaged in marketing, in Shanghai in 2008 after moved to zhejiang hangzhou is engaged in the import and export trade, founded in 2014, chongqing put fish technology co., LTD. Co-founder hui red is associate professor, department of chongqing university of science and technology tourism activities planning and tourism planning experts, the Texas state university, Texas A& Visiting scholar at the university of M. Company technical personnel 2, otherwise to promote and market a as well as art and planning executive.

skip fish for a group of love, love the party, love friends, love to play, to grasp the consumption experience a priority. Lee and to put fish in find their target users through user segment, and combining with the target users with the merchants and corresponding planning, let the user have a good time at the same time, also to the customer.

how to put the fish?

put fish activity interface is simple, the user wants to find activities, through the landing – registration – payment can be completed. Activities were examined by background planning, integrating the advantage of the merchants, through some plot design, packaged into an activity product launch, ensure that the user experience the richness of feeling and fun; After the user registration can add group chat with friend, to discuss together, participate in discussion activities; In QYOU circle, the user can share activities, thumb up and evaluation, to attract other users’ curiosity and desire to participate in.

now even online dating platform, it is difficult to about to offline, and truly become the friend is not much, so many people often feel lonely and longing for a friend, at the same time, offline activities interactivity is not high, the experience is not strong, it is hard to break the embarrassment, improve social efficiency, and privately about safety coefficient is low, often encountered, afraid of being cheated feelings and cheat money, eager to make friends platform real security. Lee and the said lift fish is designed based on the market pain points to a real platform.

skip fish do?

on the propaganda, put a line through the single Q group, making friends, activities and WeChat, weibo and the media to promote;

offline now take part in all kinds of business competition increase exposure, at the same time by DM single, pilot exchange activities to promote and integrate resources flow.

on the business model, lee and to summarize its two modules for users and customers. Users, through the activities of the reservation to participate in the profits; Clients, through product integration planning activities such as drama creation, achieve the goal of promoting drainage.

when it comes to product advantages, lee and to cloud network said hunt O2O platform (such as city douban, love activities, etc.) are almost all the QQ group manager or the merchants themselves, scattered individuals is relatively independent, and no good design and logical activity, less attractive and outstanding advantage, and put the fish in the activities are creative novelty, integrating educational, social, entertainment, fun, can more intuitive understanding of the activity process, more truly experience the dating scene, have paid more convenient browsing, online and offline interactive integrated service. “In the future, we will enrich the activities, as well as combining with the local customs, to bring users a feast for the senses”.

in addition, cloud network hunting understands, put the fish APP is still in development stage, will be launched in June, has been designed for merchants some creative activities. At present, put the fish has officially launched the financing plan.