Pushing Microsoft Azure: salesman below-standard performance get salary also scolded

cloud network hunting note: one minute on stage, the audience ten years of work. You may notice Microsoft the rise of Azure, but you do not know how behind the sales staff with the pressure. To a high growth of product such as cloud services, success means that a race against time. Just a few minutes, hunting to let you know the story behind the Azure cloud network editor king.

Microsoft is an effective way for its core product Azure to earn income.

a lot of people who pay close attention to its dynamic finally unbearable says the heart doubts about: how many users are using Azure? It can bring how much revenue for Microsoft?

it is obvious that Microsoft does not intend to announce these figures.

but some information revealed to us.

however, more data shows us how it is to solve the problems of the sales. After all sales people to sell not only the cloud services, to ensure that the user will use it more.

this is annoyed many Microsoft employees, since even sold a lot of other software, they also have to take the staff appraisal, salary and bonus, or even wiped out risk.

a series of figures show that the scheme is effective, it also reflects the Microsoft for enterprise customers carefully – they are the most large, most loyal user community.

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all in all, the following is Microsoft Azure in its user Numbers:

since 2011, through the Microsoft Azure accumulate their $1 billion worldwide.

since 2011, more than 3000 companies and Azure using contracts. Later, however, data showed that most of these companies did not actually use Azure, they secretly tampering with the contract or not perform according to the contract.

since 2011, from across the United States, 70% of companies actually did not sign the contract will be put into use Azure. In other words, only 30% of companies really carried out in the contract. According to a survey, “Microsoft cloud services 80% of the profits come from 20% of the users, most of the registered users in the later did not actually use it.”

however, in 2014, its us users rapid growth. Through the enterprise contract, Azure to accumulate more than $70 million in the United States, including enterprise users contributed 47 million. According to the survey, the user climbed 67%.

out of curiosity about these Numbers and the change of sales personnel salary, we asked Microsoft related personnel, they are given the following answer:

“it is not hard to find, all the size of the enterprise is a strong demand for Microsoft’s cloud services. More than 60% of the Azure users using at least one such as media stream and enterprise mobile suite paid services.

Microsoft said they cloud business income was already close to $5.5 billion, and six consecutive quarter triple-digit growth.

behind digital

these Numbers to send a good news: there is no doubt that more and more companies began to use Azure cloud and other Microsoft products.

this is not without risk. In most cases, in order to promote the Azure, sales staff will give discounts for Microsoft’s other products, and then put the discount money to buckle down and used as a trial Azure credit gold. Most users have a year to spend the money. But no matter did they use the money eventually, Microsoft will use it as Azure.

there are disgruntled sales people call it “stuffing distribution channel”, a kind of advance during future income to stimulate the dealer purchase malignant promotion in advance.

this is wrong, because this is not filling the distribution channel.

in order to attract users to try new products, try to cut down the price even free is an obsolete way.

usually, this is no problem, unless the user during the probation period without Azure. So, in order to obtain from these users later earnings will all become nothing, let alone what business growth. Then, these companies to switch to other cloud business, the media predicts that Microsoft business would “like a house of CARDS collapse”.

Azure see a good two reasons for

silent for a few years later, finally meet momentum of Azure, there are two dominant factor.

in the first place, after all, 2014 is a cloud rising in the business for a year, many companies are keen to get in. Therefore, more companies will use Azure credit gold the plan on the agenda.

second, as we have said, Microsoft all pressure transferred to the sales staff, in order to improve performance.

Satya Nadella even before mass layoffs in July to staff issued a public warning.

“we can only depend on the Marketing Department to show our unique value proposition. Remember, the user utilization rate is first.”

salesman overwhelmed

there are data revealed that: in 2014, Microsoft’s sales staff were told that their future depends on the sales amount and the proceeds from cloud business.

in 2015, Microsoft has adjusted the part of the compensation mechanism of sales personnel, especially focus on the cloud.

at the same time, the cloud related products sales soared, combined with other software are not immune. Have staff told us that Azure double indicators are the norm.

there are media to stand in the Angle of the sales staff to the image of the summary is given: “how can I achieve the sales target? All I have to look with the wishful thinking of using cloud services marketing Azure. Some of them don’t even willing to use last year bought the business, not to mention the business growth.”

have internal staff explains to the sales staff of pressure reason: “Azure is a high-growth product. Microsoft every year to review sales target based on the market opportunities and customer demand, and adjust to it.”

we are told that, no matter how much others sold as long as unable to achieve sales target, cannot get full salary, even a little less than salary. Some adjusted compensation plans into 25% from earnings, 75% from the number of users, is still more important to win users.

related personnel said: “if I finish my income index, I didn’t also didn’t achieve sales target, what is not important. I not only no salary can take, and still will be criticized.”

The day gets longer

for many people, over the past few months is very difficult.

Microsoft’s fiscal year from July, but sales staff until September to know what is their sales targets.

this year, Microsoft will launch a new automated IT system, so the sales staff can track their progress bar. The news that the system can only takes a few months. Finally in not long ago, Microsoft said the last time to use the old system.

“last September, in the case of not know indicators, we will think about to prepare early. A bitterness etc. After that, we didn’t received the email and spreadsheet explain detailed indicators. Last month, the automation service system was born.”
Some sales staff can advance salary, can according to know most people don’t do that. We understand those who advance, after all, is neither paid under double pressures and knew nothing about the new index, the die is normal.

if they don’t in order to achieve target and try to sell more cloud products, so it is likely that until they leave all owe a debt of Microsoft.

but the important thing is, this kind of high pressure policy really works.


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