Public comment on rumours $850 million in financing, the investor new millet

from the end of December 2014 began to financing public comment on rumor, who had once again become the focus of the media today, early last month reported its financing amount of $850 million, the Wall Street journal recently revealed that once again, the public comments on the current financing to complete on March 27, slightly later than the scheduled date.

the media said the financing amount is still $850 million investment, the company valued at $4.05 billion. It is worth noting that the investors in addition to the previously reported temasek holdings, wanda group, fosun group and and tencent, the millet company more.

for millet, besides proprietary hardware and building intelligent ecosystem, still revolves around the O2O layout, and launch the millet. Before this, millet and joint public comments on the joint investment outside the mai di.

but the public comments on the financing message to comment.

the public comments on the round of financing message back to the end of December 2014, the earliest then basically every month there is financing rumors reported. In the context of the current information, the public comments on the financing amount should not have too big change. Combined with the recent boom O2O concept, public comments on have very big size, is still likely to get large investment institutions. If again to obtain wholesale funding, it is also likely to conform to follow recently ran wang “alert C round of death” the analysis of the view that in the current valuations rise A and B round case, large investment institutions is more and more tend to go to bet on A particular individual companies within the industry.

in the company’s development history, has successively experienced five times. Sequoia capital in 2006 the first round of the $1 million investment; Google to invest $4 million in 2007; In April 2011, zhi capital letter, sequoia capital, qiming venture joint investment of $100 million and the speed of light; The fourth round of financing $2012 in 60 million. In February 2014, tencent’s strategy the investing public comments on 20% of the shares, there are many reports of about 400 million dollars.

if the last round of financing amount are correct, the public comments on the valuation of about $2 billion, the latest of the financing for the company valuation data ascension nearly doubled in the last year of $4 billion. But it is still far from Meituan, valued at $7 billion which is the latest round of financing.

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