Public comment on: bulk already very Low, see “flash”

in the domestic market, the public comments and belong to two of the more important players, occupies the overwhelming majority of the market share. Compared between the two, the gap between the two years ago has widened. Some statistics institutions, according to public comments and Meituan share in the field of group-buying is roughly around “. In such a case, the public comments on the more reason to look for a new breakthrough.

today, the public comment on new product release strategy – “flash”, the product function characteristics is introduced with an example, in bulk to compare, which manifests the superiority. The purpose is very simple, confrontation and transformation “coupon”, and to help the public comment on better complete closed loop. So far, “flash” has covered more than 15, 160 cities across the country.

according to the official, “flash” would help solve the disadvantage of group-buying businesses and users. First look at the user experience in group-buying consuming problem, the public comments, founder and CEO introduces the group over the years has changed a lot, problems are emerging, idea to show the following three aspects:

1, many people use group buying low frequency because be frightened by this trouble. Need to purchase coupons and then to the shop first deduction, even need to be very long line. If dinner consumed 211 yuan, but only two 100 yuan at the hands of the stamps, the rest of the money also need to single out yourself.

2, many people began to feel a bulk is very low. Especially some of them are men and women date, etc. But there are also many businesses when talk about cooperation, despite the promotion requirements, but partly, “can I cooperate with you, but not do group purchase, or if you change the name I”.

3, merchants hope to extend the timing and manner of the discount is more flexible. For example, had no business at half-past one this afternoon I have a discount.

“flash” products is to solve the above problem. It is actually a user to shop for discount settlement tool, after its bundled in public comments on clearing system. Public comments on aspects of requirement is signed “flash” business merchants must give not less than a bulk discount discount.

xu-gang wang, head of the public comment on business platform and innovation business introduction, “flash” to help businesses solve the traditional group-buying model cannot solve three problems, convenient, flexible and brands, namely “flash” convenient real-time pay more accord with offline consumption, “flash” flexible help merchants period of time, its precision marketing, and can be used as a marketing tool for a long time, will not affect the merchants of brand value. He said, “flash” released by merchants, that day a day signing merchants of 4 m.

xu-gang wang said, first of all, compared to the bulk package, vouchers prepaid model, consumers use “flash” real-time payment, waiter step validation in place, simple operation, speed up the store operation efficiency; Second, “flash” flexible configuration with reduction, discounts, such as different forms of marketing, suitable for a long time; Again, in view of the merchants/when idle, when busy working day/weekend, afternoon/night city with different style, different time periods in different stores tie-in and different marketing methods, each period to improve the turnover.

the public comments provide data shows, in the “west prosperous Hong Kong style tea restaurant”, “flash” brings to the merchants of turnover is nearly 3.5 times that of a bulk sales; Jiangsu and zhejiang cuisine restaurant “miss zhao” and sichuan merchants “at MIT work – grilled fish head, founder of the” current “flash” the turnover is nearly 2.5 times “group buying”. In addition, in the hot pot restaurant chain “bean out of lane”, “flash” online is less than half a month, revenue, profits rose by 6%, the average store save for at least a manpower cost.

the public comments on CEO zhang said, “flash” launch in addition to providing better service for merchants, also an important part of public comment on the deal closed loop, means that the public comment on merchants terminal layout is an important step. Before the current public comments, “promotion”, “group purchase” to help merchants drainage to shop; After “life” systems help businesses manage members, direct marketers ERP optimization merchants operating efficiency. After the “flash” online, through the trading link, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and more seamless user experience seamless access to the merchant service process, help the entire ecosystem to realize closed loop, coupled with public comments on “reservation”, “line” products to optimize the user experience; “Take-out” platform to help businesses additional open source, merchant service one-stop solution.