Province sister: to charge to an account for the incision, make close to female mobile social electricity companies

(text/Yang Sihui)

according to China’s annual consumption data, 75% of total household spending decisions by women, women also makes the mobile Internet to her economy forward, from the female APP, women booming in the market. Hunting cloud network recent focus on “province kid sister”, is an incision for billing, do women mobile social electricity APP.

in June 2013, the province little sister as a small tools online charge to an account for young women. With lovely cartoon image, simple UI design, easy steps of charge to an account, save sister after the Android, IOS, on-line more than 1.4 million downloads, month to live up to 30%, the retention rate of 60%, and innovation of China’s finals, in 2014 for $8 million valuation of sequoia capital.

after the launch, provincial little sister added “partners” and “save” function, make its have the social sharing properties and items. Users can interact in “partners” square, home idle items can be released at the “partners”, sold or exchanged. This item sharing platform, can be as simple as adding the labels, price, location, can be directly buy circle of friends. “Save it” from “save money” for women, including province province, send project, to provide users with some selected merchandise discount information.

but for now, the province sister users still to use the tools of charge to an account is given priority to, social attribute slightly weak. Team, in the form of automatic focus, push in the partners “kid sister tao”, “entertainment cafe” and “following” and other official, recommend some women interested in content to the user. Co-founder liao huanyu told hunting cloud network: “when the user attention to improve, we will hope to users click on data, analysis of consumption habits to provide users with accurate content of the shopping recommendations.”

competing goods aspects, from the accounting perspective, provincial little sister similar to dig goods, note-taking, but users locate in contrast, the latter two billing way more professional, aimed at elite men; From the perspective of the vertical electricity province little sister like beauty said, but their starting point is different, and the province sister tend to provide shopping guide + money saving application as women.

liao huanyu to hunt cloud network said: “the province kid sister is an APP, but the APP is just the carrier, we focus on creating provincial culture brand and image of your little sister make mobile social electric business platform. The original cartoon culture, brand image, can form the fans of the economy.”

business model, provincial little sister have the following considerations: 1, the official guide mobile electricity (based on taobao, jingdong mall shoppers). 2, provincial little sister official selling goods (after users buy, notify the merchant shipping, earn price difference). 3, users and merchants official recommendation (guide, merchants provide a platform for the user). 4, provincial little sister around physical product cooperative development (dolls, handbags, jewelry, etc.). 5, cartoon digital entertainment product cooperative development (comic, expression, games, mobile devices).

at present, the province one of seven sister team, founder Qiu Linsong business for many times, from the PC to entities to move, have rich experience. Co-founder, liao huanyu media, a former sohu, soufun editor, the Vista to see the world executive managing director and its guide women applied for GOGO, deputy general manager of media and female market also has a deep research. Chief engineer haohappy, graduated from university of electronic science and technology, formerly Yu Zhongxing communications, founded shenzhen huatai hengtong technology co., LTD. As a chief engineer, has nearly 10 years experience in mobile terminal organization development.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, provincial little sister angel round is underway.