Provide one-on-one online booking service, looking for my wedding market into the network C2C mode

(text/Yang Sihui)

traditional service industry of the Internet is a trend of wedding this niche there are a lot of players to participate, hope to find opportunities. Including wedding recording application “ji” wedding, wedding planning O2O “together like cat, reception hotel” O2O “wedding” cat is same pattern similar O2O platform. Hunting cloud network recently learned that the “looking for my net” is a wedding people online booking platform C2C mode.

I find web team established in May 2014, the website in Chinese valentine’s day is launched on August 2, mainly to provide new, photographer, cameraman, dresser and so on the wedding one-to-one reservation service. Newcomers can sort through the screening schedule, price, credit rating, user evaluation methods such as fast to find the right wedding, and can be directly online booking.

I find new network provides direct docking platform, with the wedding people cut down the middle of the traditional wedding industry link, a conservative estimate price to save about a third. Co-founder and COO yue war tell hunting cloud network: “looking for my net formed original purpose is to make the couple’s wedding more easily, the couple can be directly on the platform when choosing wedding, many wedding companies don’t have to price comparison, can save a lot of time and energy.”

compared with other O2O model wedding services platform, find my network communication between the more focused on the couple and the wedding people choice, let the user can be selected, one-on-one to two-way choice a deal. Yue war tell hunting cloud network: “what we do is pure mode of platform, each couple pick their own service object. The personal participation of the user, comparative selection process is our most valued.”

first of all, professional man looking for my wedding network registration, need real-name certification, through the platform to provide credit guarantee. Second, professionals need to indicate the real-time scheduling, let users can choose to directly choose and online booking. Third, looking for my network as platform, middle support full compensation, secure payment services, safeguard the common interests of wedding professionals and new. At the same time, looking for my net preclude any wedding people “brush evaluation” behavior, real and effective safeguard for each user comments. Finally, looking for my net will be based on user preferences for its intelligent filter, partner recommendation, planner service as a whole.

at the moment, looking for my team more than 20 people, more than 10 product research and development, product manager, 2 people, 1 designer, and operations team of five people. Long Hong founder, since its establishment in 2005 has set up efficient media, kam road network, the United States contact customer service platform (such as mechat. Im) project, in 2014 to devote to find my net construction, resolutely gave up the project.

I find net official operation six months, now already had more than 10 designers, more than 100 couples booked wedding people by looking for my net. For the future, yue war said: “we want to be able to sign a number of exclusive planner, is currently in negotiations, concrete increase with new registrations for reference.”

in terms of business model, yue told hunting cloud network, looking for my network can be expected at present there are two kinds of business models, one is the launch of private services for the couple, do all things, for the couple to create their own private custom wedding, looking for my net paid a percentage of the service charge. The second kind of instant open wedding people training, including for designers, photographers, makeup girl, such as the host of training.

yue war said: “each year about 200000 couples married in chengdu, the total cost of more than 8 billion (the data provided by looking for my net, hunting cloud network does not provide any form of endorsement), behind this huge market. Looking for my net this year’s plan is to gain a foothold in chengdu market, establish brand, and then to the development of chongqing, and then gradually spread out.”

according to hunt cloud network, looking for my net early start-up capital for 2 million by the founders of joint venture, has launched an angel round financing plan.