: provide HTML 5 running environment, to better the Web app experience

(article/who 闫森)

swarm is a running environment of HTML 5 products, focus on solving the problem of the experience of HTML 5, make a Web App running like a Native App. Don’t be people think that it can’t get away from the weak function, weak experience of destiny.

Xiong Jun team in hangzhou, they participated in the “IDG campus entrepreneurship competition”, finally took the title. 2012 Xiong Jun attended SegmentFault hackers marathon, he put the hacker marathon defined as the start of their entrepreneurial career. In network security, until the game let him on a path to the programmer.

Xiong Jun farce was born in 1993, this year, junior year. He told cloud network hunting, oneself are indigenous to the age of the Internet. 2 when coincidence saw a magazine article introduces American hacker Kevin mitnick, then began to network security knowledge. And the germination of ideas from the high school stage of the two films, a book: “legendary silicon valley”, “the social network” and “hackers and painters”. Himself written in PHP to a social networking site for people to vent, the user through the vent fun between friends, later the university entrance exam this website was turned off.

because love technology, Xiong Jun farce since university attended many hackers marathon activities. In his view, the under the pressure of a huge quickly complete a product prototype, is a rapid method to improve their own. Talked about not graduated, he think in school can make a good product, but it is hard to make a good company. Now the development of the industry quickly, the rhythm is very tight, driven by specialized IT peer pressure of competition, he is likely to drop out of school. But the time is not yet mature, he said, “no matter Hugh didn’t drop out of school, must be the result of after balance, can’t blind decision, not to drop out of school and drop out of school”.

Xiong Jun tell hunting cloud network, recently they will close a million-dollar level of financing, investors are very positive about his team and what they are doing, is recognized their product idea. Xiong Jun farce and another technology partners rented a house in hangzhou. When asked if he thought about going to Beijing development, he said hangzhou entrepreneurial atmosphere is good also, so temporarily won’t consider to move to Beijing.

about the future of the Web App, Xiong Jun farce very bullish on himself. He told hunting cloud network, history is always amazing similar, actually looking at Native and Web structure of the future mobile phone, went to see the Native and Web structure on the PC, because mobile phone is the computer. The PC, the big end, system software and higher requirements on GPU to use hard decoding player, must through the Native to done well. And most of the application software, user can meet the requirements in the browser.

Xiong Jun said, although everyone says it, but he saw the Web. Open convenient Web will always be trends, H5 is just a standard Web, H5 is also great. Products by the company, so the products are taking a profit for the company’s mission. Alone by any browser makers to formulate standards are selfish. The W3C is like a United Nations, each browser vendors together with their own interests appeal game, jointly formulate standards. Standards formulated by this way often represents a major trend, because it represents the common interests of all.

because the Web is open, so gathered as a Web App running environment will not go to too much focus on distribution. Gathered to provide distributed Web App JS API. “Sun” and “59600 little game” was their first talk about partners, there will be more in the future. HTML 5 CP without one submitted to gather their game, but by calling of API, directly add games to the gathering. They became the gathering of the third party application store, third party distribution channels, to completely retained their brand, and as a par with built-in light app store. Gathered in any Web App can distribute, can become channels. Because the Web channel system is open, the Web was supposed to be so.

for developers, gathered provides the debugging service, allows developers to through PC Web Inspector to debug the inside of the mobile Web pages. This was a real machine debugging completely, and there is no plug wire. At the same time for a Web App cannot call interface equipment, gathered provides function signature compatible with PhoneGap API JS API to access device, such as acceleration, vibration equipment, etc.

when hunting cloud network asked about HTML 5 is not very good solve the problem of weak experience, Xiong Jun farce to hunt cloud network, said he also think it is the biggest problem is that experience. so far, the user can like using App USES a Web App. But actually experience is largely attitude problems, large Web front-end developer group, the level of the good and bad are intermingled. With built-in light App store in order to control experience and refused many developers to submit a Web App. For a startup itself nothing popularity, the price is very big.

Xiong Jun tell hunting cloud network, for now, he don’t have the energy and competing goods to compare, gathered to maintain a period of two weeks iteration speed, also did not spend a penny on the promotion. At this stage, the quantity is not the most important, is whether he can really to care more about is gathered for convenience, as for a Web app and Native app in the future is symbiosis or be reversed, now also don’t care.

PS: Xiong Jun said, now gathered at the very early stage, is very short of people. Now. Small make up private like their company’s name.