Provide customer service machine wisdom teeth science and technology, the Pre – A round of funding of 7.7 million yuan, is very serious fund led

wisdom teeth robot and team to provide customer service for the enterprise product technology announced A complete 7.7 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, the round led by challenging fund for investment, China, fang sheng funds and capital.

it is understood that this round of financing is mainly used for wisdom teeth expansion of science and technology team, attract the best talents to join in order to enhance competitiveness and improve product. At the same time, will also invest in marketing and brand, let more developers to understand and use wisdom teeth technology products and services. Wisdom teeth technology in January 2015 successfully selected Microsoft vc accelerator, become the sixth period.

wisdom teeth technology was founded in August 2013. Background of the birth of the human cost is higher and higher, at the present time the cost of the service for enterprises increasingly become a heavy burden, the enterprise from the transformation of traditional telephone customer service to the customer service is becoming more and more obvious, and artificial online customer service, there is also a response time is slow, poor user experience, staff turnover rate is high, can’t provide 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted service.

wisdom teeth technology wisdom teeth customer service products offered by the natural language processing and large data technology application in the field of enterprise customer service, customer common problem, no matter with what kind of expression statements, wisdom teeth customer service robot can understand the user’s natural language, and find the best answer from the knowledge base to reply to the user, wisdom teeth customer service robots can help enterprises to get rid of half of the online customer service issues, make artificial customer service focus on dealing with more important and more challenging customer service issues. By deploying application wisdom teeth customer service robot, businesses generally 50% reduction in the cost of the service, the user’s customer waiting time basic within 10 seconds.

at present, the wisdom teeth of robot technology services can be used in sites, WeChat and APIS. On the business model, mainly is the monthly fee or annual fee to realize direct revenue. The micro letter and web editions are monthly charge 399 yuan, the annual fee of 3999 yuan.

wisdom teeth technology, co-founder of castor pang said that since 2014, it only took a year, products have been in the service of wisdom teeth customer service networks, love s&d, Roseonly, haier, would like to buy wire mesh, panzhihua. Government, 13 large customer. In November 2014, wisdom teeth SaaS service platform, currently has 300 customers; Natural language processing not only limited in the field of customer service robot, the application of space enterprise daily customer service work will produce large amounts of data, wisdom teeth customer service products will be in-depth analysis of the BI, help the customer service department head positioning enterprises are faced with the problem, which can be through the detailed analysis to provide decision basis for business department, customer service department from a cost center to the transformation of a profit center.”