Prosperous wealth robot service: intelligent customer service assistant Realize man-machine dialogue nature

(text/Zheng Dian)

do e-commerce’s hope is consulting a large number of customers, but also the hardest consulting with a large number of homogeneity. Taobao customer service every day face a lot of boring and similar, sometimes unable to timely response resulting in the loss of customers. Under such circumstances, timely response and smooth communication of intelligent service robot arises at the historic moment.

“prosperous wealth customer service robot” is a little more chengdu science and technology co., LTD in taobao sellers service market online intelligent service robot. “Prosperous wealth” is a suitable for taobao wangwang, plug-in, main function is to assist the communication between the seller and customer, can talk with buyers camouflage reality in a natural language, and can according to each taobao sellers sell goods for their early different initialization Settings. Its characteristic is to have data learning ability, can according to the communication with people constantly enrich their own language. At the early stage of the products take the taobao shop owner free trial, a profit in the form of late payment.

“prosperous wealth customer service robot” the founding team has ten years of accumulation of natural language processing and machine learning technology. Founder Jiang Ling is a master of computer science of Peking University, a former baidu web search department senior engineer, shanda innovation school courtyard, a senior researcher at search for themes. There core members also master of university of electronic science and technology signal and information processing, shanda innovation school search theme hospital internship engineer, jingdong algorithm r&d engineers YueXingMing chengdu institute and a former beauty lele data analysis engineer, cica advanced data consultants hai-feng zhao. Business by former senior marketing personnel responsible for tencent and Google.

at the beginning of 2013, Jiang Ling noticed electric guest take spend a lot of time to answer every day boring and repetitive problem, during the peak response speed is very low. For technical personnel of the typical thinking, Jiang Ling hopes to dull and repetitive human working automation. When taobao already has a third party service – “365” want want robots, there are more than 6000 active subscribers. Jiang Ling after the trial the effect, think I can do better than it. In June 2013, Jiang Ling soon formed a team, the company could set up, but borrowed from friends in taobao service market to the company’s qualifications.

in July 2013, Jiang Ling team launched the first edition of “prosperous wealth customer service robot”. Jiang Ling told hunting cloud network: “at first due to the lack of data, the effect is very poor, the user experience is not ideal. After improve the effect of our products, and finally reached the thousands of active subscribers, during the 2013 years’ double 11 accumulated a good user reputation. Products operating data began to present an exponential growth curve.”

in the fourth quarter of 2013, taobao’s policy change, before the open strategy of tightening, suddenly began to restrict, the docking port policies under the pressure, the team gave up this product in early 2014, turned to the other direction.

product data and user feedback continue to prove the value of the product, in policy adverse circumstances, “prosperous wealth” user data natural growth, a free trial users into paying probability of 60%, due to renewal the probability of more than 70%. As SAAS service concept in domestic, as well as domestic enterprise services market began to get more and more attention, Jiang Ling team start back at the end of 2014 intelligent dialogue robot in this direction. “Prosperous wealth customer service robots” of similar products in the taobao users first, before automatic problem resolution rate of about 90%, pre-sale automatic single intervention into a single rate more than 30%, of more than 200 million cumulative dialogue.

at present, the company is developing WeChat end products. Derivative and O2O service rapid development in 2014, the micro letter with vast C end users, and enterprises, establish connection with service started in micro the letter. In theory, to provide services in the form of natural language dialogue is most conforms to the user habit, also is the most convenient. But limited by artificial customer service capacity, a large number of WeChat public cannot really effectively interact with the user, not to mention a personalised service. Small technology team hope that through more verified in the field of electricity technology ability not only solve the weaknesses, the people communicate with enterprises also bring new value for the enterprise and the consumer. Team’s long-term goal is to “dialogue as a service” the idea into reality, the improvement and services, connected to the enterprise’s efficiency. Company plans to begin angel rounds of financing, in June, to seek better development.

company: chengdu smaller than technology co., LTD.